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Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells
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Apr 07, 12

did not like it
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This book may be entertaining for someone who likes gossip so much, because here you can get to know all the juicy events that happened in the youth and life of four women who were best friends and thought they were absolutely amazing and called themselves the Ya-Yas.

So, this story starts when a Petite Ya-Ya, that's how the Ya-Yas called their daughters, (not so petite anymore) let escape in an interview with the New York Times that her mother, the awesome Vivi, used to hit her. Vivi becomes so mad at her, because this piece of dirty laundry has affected her reputation so much, and stops talking to her. Now her daughter is working at the theater and for some reason (i don't really remember) she asks her mother to help the theater, not her, with a book with many pictures and anecdotes and stuff from her past and the Ya-Yas', which she guards jealously. So her mother accepts, and with this book called the divine secrets, let's her enter in the past and adventures she had with the Ya-Yas since they were 8 years old.

These ladies thought of themselves like divas from a very little age, and now that they were old, it was no different. They sometimes use some words in French to feel they are very nice and create their own words like something is Ya-Ya if it's nice and cool, or something is Ya-Ya-No if it's not. So, occasionally they'll say things like "That's très Ya-Ya-No" or "Let's go, S'il vous plaît". French is not a language i particularly like, so maybe you can see my annoyance with this aspect.

The rest of the book continued to tell stories of the pictures and things she was seeing in the scrap book, and it contained a ton of letters she and her mother kept writing to each other back and forth. So, if you really feel intrigued enough to know all of the adventures and things the Ya-Yas went through, then maybe it is an ok book for you. But, for me, I don't care. I started reading this with high hopes that maybe it would be interesting, that it could surprise me, until those hopes started to fade away and left me feeling with no desire to carry on in the least. Something like this, see:

I don't fucking care what these "fabulous" women did, and the fun they had, and how they were dressed, and how they did their hair or anything. So i didn't bother to finish it.

I picked this book to read along with someone in a buddy read, so i was trying to force myself to finish it, but then i realize, what is the point in that? i read enough of the book to understand i don't care for it, and there are plenty of other books i want to read to waste my time reading something i am not enjoying. So, i just skimmed through the book until the end to give me a basic idea of everything that followed... None of my interest.

I didn't hate it, though. This isn't a book i absolutely despise or anything. It's just a story i didn't find any interest on.
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Rebecca Wells
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Rebecca Wells, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
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Maria Erika, you say you don't "f-ing care" about the story, however you have unwittingly told on yourself. Using such strong language and writing such a long, scathing review - shows that it struck a nerve somewhere, even subconsciously. You even "liked" a quote from the book on your profile - whether you admit it or not - it piqued your interest....

Erika Hi Maria. No, it didn't get my interest, that's why i didn't finish it. I always try to finish the books i start and when i don't it's because I REALLY find no motivation to keep reading. The only ones i haven't finished are this and The War of the Worlds, that's saying something, it's not like i always leave books unfinished.

I wrote the review because i like to write what i think about books. There are only 4 or 5 books in my shelves that don't have a review because i haven't sit down to write them.

And whenever i find a quote i like in a book, i like to "like" it on goodreads too. Yeah, i liked that one, so what? I don't think that because i like a quote that means i like the book or it piqued my interest, otherwise i would've finished it, don't you think?

Maria Just saying..

message 4: by Petra X (new)

Petra X Love the care-o-meter.

Erika Yeah, it's pretty nice, thanks Petra X! :)

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