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Dead Rules by Randy Russell
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Jan 30, 12

did not like it
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Read in October, 2011

Judged by a Cover: Photo shop Nightmare

Everything is wrong with this cover. We have a disembodied head, fake red hair that looks plastic, randomly colored eyes and skin so pale it puts Edward Cullen to shame. The tag line is stupid and freaky, and the title makes no sense. Does it mean that being dead rules, or is it about rules for dead girls? It's pretty bad, and the rest of the book doesn't get much better.

What's Up?

Jana is a normal teenager. She attends school, has a few good friends, a great boyfriend, and... of course, she's dead. And her boyfriend isn't. (In retrospect, I should have known to stop reading then.) After dying in a freak bowling accident, she was sent to a sort of purgatory, an eternal high school. She will stay there until she graduates, or flunks out. Plus, (horror of horrors), her soul mate, the love of her life, her boyfriend still lives. Jana will do anything to see him again. And of course, to make it all angsty, the dark, handsome loner guy shows up.

Time Of Day: NO NO NO NO NO

- Obsessive thoughts? Check.
- Lack of ANY common sense? Check.
- Wishy-washy love triangle? Check.
- Murderous tendencies? Check.
Jana is one of those girls who'd obsessively run to the bathroom every 5 minutes to make sure she looked alright. She's naive, annoying, stuck-up and obsessed with her boyfriend so much that she would kill to see him again......

Head over Heels: -2000000

Honestly, the book is lucky the number is this high. The main romance is one-sided and obsessive, and both the people in it are awful. There is a very nice guy that Jana falls in love with, but that was only enough to save it from negative infinity. There is so much more I'd like to say, but unfortunately it would give away the minuscule plot of this book.

Anti-Bonus Features: Romeo and Juliet

I know I had this as an anti-bonus feature in another book, and the same applies here. This particular plot line is overly redundant, and definitely overused. Plus, the author must have had different version of the play than I have. In mine Romeo and Juliet kill themselves, not each other.


I realize that putting a bowling ball as the picture for death is very odd, but let me explain. Death as main concept has been done very well in novel, such as The Lovely Bones, however, all the deaths in this book were just bizarre. I have never heard of anyone being killed by a bowling ball, plastic dart, or even suffocation from swallowing a bird.

Obsessed Girlfriends

I really don't believe this needs any extra explanation. Generally, love does not involve killing your significant other, bu hey, what do I know.

Final Flavor: Unsweetened Chocolate

This book had an excellent concept, especially because life after death books are so rarely done. Still, it used almost every stereotypical thing that can be found in young adult literature. Believable characters and an original plot would have been nice too. I went into this expecting a nice, fun read, but honestly, it almost made me gag.
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