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The Chosen by Chaim Potok
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Jul 11, 08

I should really give this book five stars. I am just not feeling that generous today, but it is deserving of five stars IMO. Though I read this over four years ago, I continue to think in the reserves of my little brain about the juxtaposition of the two fathers, and their parenting styles. Read the book and then let's discuss: the use of Silence as a teaching tool and as an entire concept to contemplate. How much cruelty can we assign to silence? Is it a choice made out of wisdom at times? Or simply a glaring personal issue? In what ways does God use silence? Or does He?
Another beautiful book about friendship. Truly a classic. Okay, I am changing my rating: five stars.
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Matt Evans "In what ways does God use silence? Or does He?"

I certainly don't know how to answer this question definitively, but it did make me think of something else. That is, if God is truly All Powerful then it is nothing short of a miracle that he (she) doesn't intervene in our lives more than he (she) seems to. My experience with power (or people in positions of power) can be summed up with this maxim: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Perhaps, then, it is something of a mercy that God doesn't appear to be involved at all in our lives.

In regards to your second question, it's been my experience that God "speaks" to me only through other people. There are 6.5 billion people on the planet, which presents a nearly infinite possibility for me to hear God's voice.

Great questions!

Dana Yes, there's that corruption thing to deal with when it comes to power. It certainly makes one pause if you think about power in terms of mortal power.
If I think of God as the ultimate perfect parent (so, the power thing is no longer an issue), then I imagine all of the times when I,as an imperfect parent, have been wise enough to step back and not say anything or intervene when it was crucial to do just that, in order for my child to actually grow.
AS hard as that is (and my kids will say I don't give them silence nearly enough!!), I did will myself to start practicing it early on by not rushing to their side for every little potential bump from the moment they started to crawl.
I think there is something to be said also, about the differentiation between silence and intervention.
To take the metaphor further down the parental road, if my child is trying to do something hard, then I will be the cheerleader and be anything but silent. But I can't do it for them. Like killing the butterfly if you help them out of the cocoon.
Yet, if they are addicted to cocaine and seem incapable of functioning, I can do something; I can drag them to rehab. But I may have to keep my mouth shut. And I may not even be allowed to drag them personally, but I may have to find a friend to drag them. OR....if it is the 79th time dragging them to get help....maybe it is time to be silent and let them figure out on their,because ultimately it is their life, and their choice...

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