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Ecstasy by Bella Andre
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Jan 30, 2012

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Recommended for: Light BDSM ROMANTICS
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Occasionally I have to state the obvious; which is how subjective reviewing a book can be from so many different perspectives, each depending on varying moods and desired expectations. Case and point in my experience when I read the book, Ecstasy this evening and went to rate it on my GoodReads account. I was tired after a weekend of household chores and finally had the opportunity to lay on the couch to read with no disturbances. I remembered I had recently downloaded the freebie off iBooks because the premise of Ecstasy was clearly an erotica book with hints of sexual training and BDSM. Anyone who was surprised by the content needs to read more carefully, because in truth...It is a Contemporary Romance. A large populace these days live their lives embracing their sexual desires with as much romance as found in a fluffy, HEA romantic novel. It irked me to find such judgemental remarks about a genre that is often misunderstood in the comments below. Ecstasy grabbed my attention immediately because of the scorn, disgust and basically mistreatment of the writers for being interested in erotica. I have been made to feel like I was damaged and perverted for my sexual tastes and reading choices, so I thought the book would have more depth. But, I guess my tired mind and body didn't care. It was a quick read. The characters were likable. The sex was mild and only so-so, but I kinda of got HOT for Zane in the off-shoot story. I gave a sigh at the end and thought it was ok, but really enjoyable tonight for me. I will give it 3 stars. And this is point I make in how subjective our reviews can be and a word of caution of what we write in response to a book directly affect the writers who put the time and energy to make their works come to fruition. I read all the reviews on this book and I noticed that as it was picked apart for plot deformation, lack of character depth etc., I began to objectively agree on some of the points, especially when someone I follow closely for recommendations rated it a 1 star. I believe this "freebie" book launched me off to address some of these issues because lately I have been torn about what I should say in a review and give it an honest I was quite taken a back by some of the comments made below. I will just assume it is ignorance. the box now. I am rating this book 3 stars because of the initial way it grabbed me and I relaxed and read it to the end. Enjoyment!

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