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The Faerie Door by B.E. Maxwell
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Mar 08, 12

Read from January 29 to March 08, 2012

This is a really great book. This book is unlike any other books I read so far because in the book everything seems to be going really well and all of a sudden some sort of evil magic brings the characters to a unknown place. This book is also familiar to one of my favorite book, The Red Pyramid. In this book, there are two main characters and each chapter tells about a different character.

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Reading Progress

01/29/2012 page 90
19.0% "Victoria went with her uncle for vacation. In midnight she decide to explore the house and she found a mysterious ring. The ring built a door and she stepped through it so she traveled back in time, around 86 years back. She met elliot there. SShe didn't realize that she went back in time until she found ou that she was not familiar with the cars. They both went to Elliot's home for now."
02/03/2012 page 124
26.0% "Then one day they were attacked by a mysterious shadow knight. The shadow knight chase them near a magic door. When a butterfly flew through it and disappear they now realize that the door is magical. They went through it to escape the shadow knight and they found themself in a faerie land. They met the faeries and their queen there and they were informed that they have to go on a quest to defeat the shadow knight."
02/05/2012 page 175
36.0% "Elliot went on a quest to defeat the evil Queen Ulricke and Victoria went on a quest to defeat the Shadow Knight. On Victoria's quest, she was stuck in a cold place where she have to work for food and a place to stay and keep warm. Eiot was actually having a good time. He have a magical horse call "the Questing Beast." Knowing that he is protected by a good king Elliot set out on his quest riding on Questing Beast."
02/12/2012 page 230
48.0% "Not a lot of dangerous events are taking place yet. Only Victoria was left out in the cold by Nastya, the mean owner of the house that victoria stayed in. But Victoria was rescued when the ring on her finger grows mysteriously and someone brought her to a warm place. Elliot met adventure king and he got some help aboout his quest. Then he wet on his quest and met Dierdre wild picking berries."
02/16/2012 page 230
48.0% "Not much had happened to Victoria but she had to take ballet lessons with Violet for the show. Elliot was going with Dierdre to her home. Later he found out that the path to Dierdre's home is actually Dire Fall, a very dangerous and mysterious place that king venture had told him about. On his way to Dierdre's home he was sick an faced many spooky things in the forest. After that he finally got to Dierdre's home."
02/19/2012 page 300
63.0% "Right now Victoria was safe but Elliot is in deep danger.Dierdre and her mother was kind to Elliot at first but later they tricked Elliot and locked him inside a room. They were planning to eat him. Elliot waited days after days but no one can save him.Then a mysterious knight came and transformed into a big monster. The monster destroyed the village and saved Elliot."
02/22/2012 page 371
77.0% "When Victoria was performing a dance she foud out that one of the guest is actually a ice dragon. She is in great danger because the ice dragon have great magic powers. Elliot was in the evil queen's castle. The queen seemed nice at first. She was giving everything Elliot wanted. She give him food and drinks but a drink turn out to be poisonous and so Elliot was transformed into a werewolf."
02/26/2012 page 430
90.0% "Victoria was captured by the ice dragon. Somehow there are some mysterious magic power that helped her defeat the ice draogn and she finally recieved the ice orb. Meanwhile the evil queen Ulricke still pretended to be nice to Elliot and offered him the deal to become a shadow night. Now Elliot is suspicious about the queen so he said no. That was a mistake because after that Elliot was dragged into a dark scary room."
03/03/2012 page 480
100.0% "Elliot escaped the room when his fearie friend, Sindl helped him. they both ride on their fearie ships. After a dangerous battle, they finallly went to the fire dragon's cave. The fire dragon gave them its orb and help them fly back to the fearie queen. Elliot and Victoria met and they both went to fight the sahdow knight. They defeated the shadow knight with the help of their orb and they both went back home."
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