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Listen Up by Barbara Findlen
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Jan 29, 2012

really liked it

this was one of the best, most inclusive feminist anthologies i’ve come across! i have been feeling kind of isolated lately, because i have been feeling like every feminist/pro-woman thing i say gets challenged, debated, mocked, etc, even when i’m not looking for a debate. reading this book basically felt like getting a big bear-hug from a bunch of ladies who care about the same stuff as me; it came at a really perfect time, and helped me feel less alienated/alienating. the book features tons of different women, writing styles, and issues, with a particular emphasis near the second half (the first half of the book came out in 1995, the “expanded edition” came out in 2001) on black women. the book is 300 pages and has about 40 different short pieces written by different women, and of those i would only say that there were 3 or 4 that i couldn’t directly relate to. my only really complaint about this anthology is that i didn’t feel like there were a whole lot of LGBT issues discussed, except peripherally- maybe it is paranoia but i wonder if it’s because there was still a lot of squeamishness 10 years ago with women being worried about automatically being called “dykes”/”lesbos”/etc when “coming out” as feminists, and the anthology wanted to disprove that by barely discussing gay issues? but there are maybe 4 pieces that mention lesbianism/homosexuality very vaguely (like, having a gay parent, mentioning having a “partner” without discussing that aspect to their life), and literally zero pieces that mention trans* people, so the lack of visibility there is a bit of a bummer, but i guess the book came out 10 years ago (though, i mean… i can’t understand the lack of visibility because gender outlaw came out in 1995, so the lack of trans* voices in listen up does feel a bit intentional? hmm). i also wish there were a few pieces written by men as well, though i don’t mind that this book was all women! ultimately i would totally recommend this book- there is still a really great range of issues despite some of the obvious gaps.
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