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Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard
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Jan 30, 12

it was amazing
bookshelves: contemporary-romance, romantic-suspense
Read in January, 2012

This was a new-author-to-me and I wish I started reading her a long time ago. What a super-freakin' fantastic book. It's filled with a gripping plot from page one. I read through most of the night, until my eyes couldn't stay focused on the words.

I seriously couldn't stop laughing--there are so many zingers in this book-while reading, and my hubby questioned my sanity at one point.

Here is one of my faves:

Marci leaned over the table. "And while I'm at it, I want my Mr. Perfect to have a ten incher!"
"Oh my!" T.J. pretended to swoon, fanning herself. "What I couldn't do with ten inches--or rather, what I could do with ten inches!"
Jaine was laughing so hard she had to hold her sides. Keeping her voice down was an effort, and her words shook with hilarity. "C'mon! Anything over eight is strictly for show-and-tell. It's there, but you can't use it. It might look good in a locker room, but let's face it-those extra two inches are left overs."
"Left overs," Luna gasped, holding her stomach and shrieking with laughter. "Let's hear it for l-leftovers!"

Have you ever met someone who provoked you, pushed your buttons, and was completely not what you thought at first?

That's Jaine's dilemma at the beginning of this hilarious and sexy read. Jaine Bright has just recently settled into her first home. She loves her neighbors, the tree-lined streets, and has made her house a home. There's just one catch--her neighbor is a surly, red-eyed, shabby clothed drunk. Or at least, she thinks he is. He is constantly banging his door at odd hours of the night, drives a hunk of metal that has seen better days, and has the nerve to complain to Jaine that she is too loud--at 2 pm in the afternoon--while he is trying to sleep. Their first conversations are pretty damn funny and you can feel the underlying tension between the two. The dialogue is witty, snarky, and spot-on for placing the reader in the actual scene.

Jaine finds out that her drunk of a neighbor, Sam Donovan is actually a cop. And he likes to drink from the OJ container in front of his fridge--butt nekked--early in the morning. Oh yeah--and Jaine's window is in perfect position to see all of his manly parts while sipping her coffee. Screw Maxwell House--THAT would be the best part of waking up, lol.

What follows is a rousing, page-turning, and jocular read that I will hold close to my heart-and on my keeper shelf.

Thank you Melissa, Rao, and Lisa Renee Jones for pointing me toward this amazing and talented author.


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