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Bunny Drop, Vol. 2 by Yumi Unita
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** spoiler alert ** Daikichi Kawachi is a bachelor in his 30s when his grandfather dies, leaving 6-year old Rin behind without a caretaker. No one knows who Rin’s mother is or whether or not grandfather was the biological father – she’s a mystery. Daikichi decides to take in the young girl and she changes his life. He has no idea how to raise a child, or what is involved. The learning curve is steep and stressful, but Daikichi finds that the payoff is knowing and loving Rin. Following clues the clues his grandfather left behind, Daikichi is able to find and contact Rin’s mother, who is a young, struggling manga artist – practically a girl herself.

Bunny Drop is sweet and funny – Rin is a wonderful little girl, despite her mysterious circumstances, and Daikichi’s efforts to provide the best care for her are touching. I hadn’t read vol. 1 (our library system only owns vol. 2), but vol. 2 does a good job familiarizing readers with the story so far. It almost makes me wonder what more possibly could have been revealed in vol. 1. Rin is just about the cutest little girl you’ve ever seen. Contrast her with Daikichi, who is drawn as if he is old before his time (people are always mistaking him for his grandfather, and he’s constantly sweating/ in a state of anxiety). Rin’s birth mother, on the other hand, looks about 16 and has a rather confusing (and confused) attitude toward her daughter, which will probably be explored further in future collections. Intriguing beginning – looking forward to Rin’s elementary school debut and Daikichi’s continuing education in child-rearing.

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