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Nov 12, 13

it was amazing
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Read on February 05, 2013

After a wait that seemed endless, diving back into the gifted Tahereh Mafi's incredible dystopian world was everything I'd hoped for and so much more!! Shatter Me was an absolute work of art with it's poetic narration and heartwarming romance, and while Unravel Me was a continuation of the emotions in some ways, it also carried us beyond the walls of Juliette's mind and into the world that she's been closed off to for so very long. Whether or not she was ready to be a part of it like she needed to be was something else entirely.

"I can't stop wondering, I can't stop anything and it's like I'm caught in what could be a head-on collision and I'm not the innocent bystander. I'm the train. I'm the one careening out of control."~Juliette p.171

Even in the relative safety of Omega Point, Juliette and Adam seemed destined to be torn apart, and it was so hard to see them both so lost in this new place. Adam is her rock, the one she goes to for comfort and friendship because he's the only one to ever show her love. There is so much emotion and passion to their feelings for each other; I love how you can almost feel the intensity of how Adam affects her as they share some seriously steamy stolen moments together. I couldn't help but get caught up in it despite the fact that yeah, there's a war going on and they needed to wake up and look at the bigger picture.

Our poor Juliette was struggled so hard to find her place in a world she doesn't know, with people who fear her. Nothing new to her, really, but the usual response of curling into herself and withering away wasn't going to cut it when they needed her to step up. Part of me wanted to scream "leave them alone, look at what they've been through!!", but at the same time you can't help but understand why that can't happen. She's powerful, beyond what she's willing to admit and recognize, and they need her to harness that and use it if they want to have a prayer of winning. And oh, it wasn't easy, but boy did she ever take a stand. I was thrilled to see Juliette, the phoenix rising from the ashes, suddenly embrace what she's capable of and turn around to use it!!

She went from wallflower to wall of power, and I'm SO excited to see what this girl is going to be capable of when all is said and done!!

And then there were the boys. I dread the good love triangles, they always make me cringe, but really it's always pretty easy for me to fall for the "right guy" in a story. That is until now, when Tahereh Mafi has quite literally dragged my heart through the mud and muck of the lives of two incredible, sexy, devoted boys that are both entirely worthy of love and redemption. sweet, perfect, beautiful, selfless Adam, will always have his spot in my heart that no one can touch.

Juliette and Adam together are the perfect crescendo of a symphony, creating the most beautiful and magical music that I can't get enough of. The crushing heartache they both go through in this second installment just tore at me, because if a couple ever deserved happiness together it would be these two broken souls.
"How am I supposed to go back?" he asks, so quietly. "How am I supposed to forget what it was like to be with you? To be loved by you?" ~Adam p. 287

But with Warner, oh wow...

with Warner it's something else entirely, and despite myself I was completely drawn in by it. Warner turns Juliette into this live wire, igniting her from within and pulling something from her that makes her feel alive and on fire. She doesn't know where it comes from, she doesn't understand why she feels what she does knowing her heart will always be with Adam. But the feelings are there, and as we saw more of the tortured humanity that Warner hides deep down, it became so easy to fall hard for him. I had tears in my eyes for Juliette, for Adam, and finally for Warner as the pain they all inflicted upon each other slowly ate at them.

"I want to feel your skin on fire. I want to feel your heart racing next to mine and I want to know it's racing because of me, because you want me." ~Warner p. 394

When my pulse wasn't racing from the intensity of the love story, my stomach was in knots over the danger that was lurking around every corner thanks to the great and powerful supreme commander Anderson. I hated this man in Destroy Me, but the loathing grew exponentially as I had to watch this slime of a man inflict as much emotional and physical pain he could muster up. Hopefully Juliette will squeeze him like a lemon in the palms of her hands before all is said and done!! There was rarely a dull moment at Omega Point, and so many secrets were revealed that will drastically change the future of events. There is a huge battle up ahead, and I am so anxious to know what happens next for these characters I just love.

Unravel Me did just that as I devoured every page of this incredible book, and once again I'm in awe of just how incredible this story is. As I settle in for yet another year-long wait for the next book, all I can say is if you haven't read this series yet, what in the world are you waiting for??!!
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Annie Brewer Adam. Adam. Adam. Gooooooooo Adam. I rest my case.

Sylvia Can't wait to read it !! EEEEPPPPP

Sylvia Beautiful review hun <3

Jody Tahereh's writing is like poetry. I can't read your review yet!

Erin Jody wrote: "Tahereh's writing is like poetry. I can't read your review yet!"

LOL it's not too spoilery, but yes, go into this one without clues!! =)

Catharina I agree, this love triangle is the first time I've been so conflicted! I usually pick a side and do not waver, not this time. I see the pros to both and I can't believe Mafi got me to like Waren! How?! Now I'm routing for him? How can I not hate him, I just can't. Now I'm so confused!!

Brandi Great review Erin. I love this series ;)

Christine It was poetic narration and heartwarming and heartbreaking romance too. :)

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