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The Good Luck Knot by Melissa Field
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Jan 28, 2012

it was ok

I was contacted by the author for a review of her book, and while this didn't sound like my usual read, I agreed to give it a try. What I found when I read this book was that there were parts that I found interesting, but that the book didn't really catch me. However --- please note that this is the kind of book that I think readers either have a very personal connection to, or it just doesn't resonate with them. So, let me explain.

While this book is fiction, it reads like a very personal story. I felt like there was less a storyline running through the book than a continuous exploration by Jordan to discover more about herself, and where her life was headed. There were times when I felt like I was almost too privy to what was going on in Jordan's mind and because I didn't always feel like I connected to her, it was a bit distracting ---- kind of like when you're having a conversation with someone you don't know very well, and they tell you way too much about something personal to them.

There are some things about this book that I did like. The author, herself, has traveled quite extensively, and those parts of the story read very clearly --- I can tell that she is familiar with these places. I liked her use of the paper crane as a metaphor in the book --- as you can see from her summary, the crane folds over into itself, and the storyline in this book does the same. Once you get used to the bit of back-and-forth in time that sometimes happens, it does all come together.

While I didn't feel a strong connection to Jordan, I found her to be interesting. Because we learn about her through her experiences, and basically get into her head, you get a very direct approach to the main character. At times, I found this to be a bit exhausting, and I think it's just the way I reacted to Jordan --- and again, this is a very personal reaction. I am sure there are other readers who will make a connection with this character and really enjoy the book. Just because it didn't happen for me is not really the fault of the author.

So, if this sounds like an interesting book to you, give it a try --- it might be a read you really enjoy.
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