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The Fifth of March by Ann Rinaldi
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Jul 10, 2008

did not like it
Read in January, 2008

Okay. I know that I should write a real review of this, but... it'd be too critical.

I have to wonder if Ann Rinaldi did ANY research. I don't know that much about the Adams, having only read 6 or so books completely about them, but I found GAPING holes and horrible mistakes. Okay, not horrible, but still.

And the name dropping in this book? Wow. Way to drop Henry Knox, MERCY OTIS WARREN!, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Thomas Hutchinson... all of whom the Adams had contact, but I did wonder what happened to their other close friends... such as Richard and Mary Cranch.

Oh, yeah. I had another MAJOR problem with the book. As my favorite author said, you don't need to add anything to make history interesting. And Ann Rinaldi did. You know, she made it altogether too dramatic. The simple fact that Rachel was a servant to the Adams would have been a great book. But no... there had to be an awful romance with a british soldier (which NEVER happened) and a crazy uncle working for Thomas Hutchinson.

I know that I might be a bit of an Adams freak. But this book is inaccurate. Abigail Adams did not have a servant to dress her until the Paris years. She made her own butter. She was not an invalid (just weak and sick as she was older). And you know what? Abigail took care of her own children. It's proven. The hired people that they had mostly worked on the farm. Sukie(the nigra women) was also fictional, since Abigail cooked the meals most of the time (John LOVED her indian pudding.)


Please research more next time.

Hmph Hmph.


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Anna Not to be rude or anything, but it is HISTORICAL FICTION! Not everything is correct because it is fiction! Please understand this!

Dominique While I did enjoy this book, I do have to agree with your points in this -- I was also just expecting this to be about Rachel's life as a young servent while witnessing the Massacre.

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