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Texas Pride by Leigh Greenwood
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Jan 28, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: historical, keeper, western
Read from January 28 to February 10, 2012

TEXAS PRIDE is a stellar addition to the Night Riders series by Leigh Greenwood. Entertaining drama, fabulous characters and an emotional love story make this a western romance to treasure.

Carla Reece loves her brother Danny, but sometimes he can do some pretty stupid things. Like gambling away his half of their ranch in a poker game to one of the most rotten men in Texas, Laveau diViere. Furious, Carla waits for Laveau to come claim his half, but instead a young man from Poland rides up to her door. No matter how gorgeous he is, no matter how charming he is, Carla will not run her ranch with him. Yet she can't help it if her heart flutters every time he comes into view...

Ivan is met with absolute disdain and hatred from Carla, but that won't deter him from finishing what he set out to do. He is to manage this ranch for one year for Laveau, then the ownership will transfer to him so he can sell it and pay for his trip back to Poland. What he doesn't expect is the fiery young woman who is to be his partner on this venture. She may be disinterested at first, but even Ivan can see her begin to soften the more they are around each other. Still, Ivan has a royal family to return to in Poland and no future in Texas...which means no future with Carla. But as Ivan is about to find out...the heart wants what the heart wants...and what he wants now more than anything is the girl he can never have.

I'll be honest...this was the first novel I've read by Leigh Greenwood. I've avoided his work because I worried about a romance novel written by a man. TEXAS PRIDE has proven what an absolute fool I was to believe it could be inferior in any way. There is that same emotional development that takes you in and absorbs you completely until you never want to leave this world that's been created. For a lack of a better statement, it was so many ways.

Ivan is overflowing with charm and personality in this novel, but it isn't apparent right away. Well, to most of the characters it is, but not so for the reader. Carla has such anger and animosity towards the interloper, you can't help harbor the same feelings towards him. Yet it doesn't take long for Mr Greenwood to point out the stunning personality behind the man. You would thinking being an outsider because of his nationality would be difficult for Ivan, but he fits so perfectly, like he was born and raised in Texas. Leigh Greenwood does a fantastic job of creating a character that still holds the major characteristics of his heritage, yet is strong enough to survive and excel in a new world. He may be tough, but you can't forget what a charmer he is. You will find yourself smiling like crazy at the beautiful things he says.

"I have seen Kensey's daughter. I have danced with her and had lunch with her. I have spent a morning shopping with her. At no time did I ever think she was more beautiful than your sister."

Danny laughed. "So why do you think Carla shouldn't wear her new red dress?"

"She will break many hearts." Ivan shook his head sadly. "It is not good to see a man waste away until he has no will to live."

Carla was an interesting heroine. She was tough as nails at first, but ever so slowly, she begins to let her guard down. You have to love the stereotypical norms she blows out the window, all with a smile on her face. When you have a young woman, unmarried and running her own ranch, you know she is a force to be reckoned with. She has an attitude that lets you know she will go down fighting and nothing less. I loved her protective nature that seemed to come into play at every corner, mostly because it showed a bit of her softer side by demonstrating the lengths she would go to for the people she loves. For me, her character was the most interesting because she had the most drastic changes in her personality. She has to accept a lot of new things in her life, but you can delight in watching her do it with a spicy Texas attitude.

What I was completely in awe of was the buildup of such a charming and emotional romance. It was so captivating, at a certain point you find you can't put the novel down. You realize the impossibility of their relationship and it makes the book that much more agonizing to read. Which for all the 'angst-lovers' out there, this is an absolute plus. You don't know if it's all going to work don't know who will have to make a sacrifice, but you just know you can't rest until you find out! TEXAS PRIDE is addictive, compelling and such a fantastic journey that you will thoroughly enjoy.

To summarize, TEXAS PRIDE is a wonderful story. Leigh Greenwood shows after all these years, he still knows how to write a breathtaking western romance. The Texas setting is fantastically charming with beautiful descriptive prose and characters that will make you smile. This novel is perfect in so many ways...from the first page to the last. It would be a great injustice if you were to miss out on such a fantastic read.

Lisa Jo @ The Romance Reviews

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