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Tempting Danger by Eileen Wilks
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Oct 25, 2015

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bookshelves: enhanced-human, fantasy-other-world, psychics, werewolf-shapeshifter
Read from February 28 to March 01, 2014

** spoiler alert ** Setting: Los Angeles, California: Club Hell (frequented by werewolfs and their groupies); police station; her small apartment near the ocean; his penthouse suite with wall of window view of the ocean; Clanhome;

Theme: Chosen – Lu Nuncios don’t generally get a Chosen from the Lady; nature of choice and nature; supernatural evil; solving a puzzle;

Detective Lily Yu: sensitive – can feel magic, isn’t affected by magic; as child, played hooky from school with a friend, went to the beach, friendly man hit them on the head, put them in his trunk, took them someplace, where he raped the friend, and accidently killed her… and when ready to rape Lily, police showed up (someone saw him put the girls in trunk and reported license plate) – the future Captain Randall rescued her; she became policeperson to feel safe, to battle evil; now a young homicide detective; put in charge of were attack case;

Dirty Harry: Lily’s 17 pound independent cat, saved from living on the street; spoiled;

Rule Turner aka Lu Nuncio, prince of the Nokolai clan: youngest of 3 (different mothers); strong, handsome, the public face of the Nokolai; likes to dress in black; enjoys women; when named Lu Nuncio (over older brothers), had to face 3 challenges – one from his middle brother; never expected to have a Chosen – and when figures out he has one, he has mixed feelings – not quite celebratory – though accepting;

Toby Asteglio : 8-year old son; his beloved son; joie de vive;

Rachel / Carlos Fuentes: wife / husband; he is killed apparently by a werewolf; they loved each other, but Carlos strayed; joined the Church of the Faithful, and convinced her that she needed to have an affair also – to give up her jealousy; they are being used by the church to trap Rule; she goes to Club Hell, and meets Rule – and they enjoy each other; she’s not particularly beautiful, but Rule likes her… hmmm; when Rachel to meet Rule, Carlos called out to park, where murdered by a werewolf, in wolf form;

Sergeant Meckle: part of Lily’s investigative team… but he is part of the Church of the Faithful, and is manipuled to have his own agenda, and gives them information about the investigation;

Max: troll; long lived; honorable; base; owns/runs Club Hell; helps them with information about sorcery, about evil power, about the caves – in the end helping them locate Rule and Lily;

Cullen Seabourne: clanness because of his practice of sorcery; longtime friend of Rule, who trusts him; he has ‘seen’ distortions in the realms – not quite sure how to interpret them; warns Rule about a threat against him;

Therese: hooker, who places Carlos alive at the time Rule went into the club; after interviewed by Lily, she is brutally killed, made to look like were – but Lily can feel a magic she terms socery;

Ginger Harris: owns upscale salon: the older sister of the girl Lily skipped school with who was raped and killed; she is working with the Church of the Faithful, making accusations against Rule, distracting them when the FBI being bespelled… and disappears in the end;

Isen aka Rho: Rule’s father, head of the Clan; worth 300 million dollars; big voiced, big spirited; badly hurt when attacked and is healing;

Dr. Nettie Two Horses: medical training, and shaman training;

Benedict: oldest son of the Rho; bigger, strong, solid – trained his younger brothers; stoic; had a Chosen, but it went badly (she didn’t choose him back?);

Mick Roberts: middle son; always competitive with Rule – and jealous when Rule selected as LuNuncio – challenging him and losing; unfortunately made him the easy target for the Church of the Faithful, to mind control to be anti-Rho, and aid them in taking down the clan;

Captain Randall: Lily’s boss; child Lily’s rescuer; knows of her ability and accepts her to use it in solving case; he puts her in charge of the investigation, but when Meckle distorts and lies about the investigation, he suspects Lily is compromised, and arrests Rule… and is hurt when she goes to the FBI when told not to;

Special Agents Abel Karonski and Croft: FBI Magical Crimes Division; offer Lily a job with them… and accept her as an expert advisor until she decides;

Li Qin, grandmother’s companion: gentle, sweet, gets tea for them all, cats like her;

Madame Li Lei Yu, Grandmother : can shift to another form (don’t know what form though); not sure what she is – more than sensitive, a shifter, friend to Loki (a god), hmmmm

Most Reverend Patrick Harlowe, Church of the Faithful aka Aza: charisma Gift; likes power, though not an emotional devotee of the evil goddess; survives the ‘attack’;

Helen aka Madonna: 50 years old; childlike voice; has a powerful staff – powered by the evil goddess; appears to be an adept at sorcery; manipulating the blood sacrifice of Rule and his bond mate to help the evil goddess access to our realm; Lily kills her in the end;

Ruben Brooks: head of the FBI magical division; quiet, in a wheel chair, commanding, knowledgeable; Cognizant Gift;

Outer story – who is the bad one in the pack, and in the police department; who is setting up Rule, and why (not just to defeat the current bill for Gifted rights, but ultimately for the annihilation of the weres so the evil goddess can move into our realm; Lilly is a very strong, very intelligent investigator – puzzling things out, and ultimately leading them to recover Cullen and locate the conspirators;

Interior story – the growing pull between the Chosen – the need to touch, to have sex, to be together; Lily’s struggle to get understand what is her choice, and what is thrust upon her… she mostly seems to accept the bond as she accepts her sensitive ability… and she studies and learns Rule – ultimately accepting him also… trusting love is there

Memorable Scenes:
‘”Rule Turner of course. The prince graces the club with his presence now and then.” He smirked. “Recently he’s been gracing Rachel with a good deal more.”’

“Lupus sexual mores being what they were, the nightclub was considered seriously depraved. Naturally this made it a popular spot.”

Were mythology for this book: no female werewolfs; males trained not to be jealous, to be respectful of women, to enjoy sex; live together on Clanhome; werewolves made by a goddess to protect humans from an evil goddess, an Old One, Aninnas – though more myth than reality today; have civil rights, another bill about to be passed; their goddess occasionally gave a lupi a mate – a Chosen (the Lady had Chosen) – and from then on the male can be with no one else, though the woman still has the option to choose (though she feels the pull, the binding) – a reason for the clan to celebrate; Lu Nuncio banned from Clanhome during the Rho’s healing; 3 clans in California – Nokolai, Kyffin, Leidolf;

‘She’d already guessed that the power at that table rested with the man at its center. Bodies tilted subtly his way. Chairs were arranged so the others could see him. And he was the very picture of elegant debauchery, wasn’t he? Sprawled in his chair so comfortably, loose0limbed, his black shirt unbuttoned nearly to the waist. Kissing one woman while he held on to another.”

‘the eyebrows in question lifted quizzically when he noticed approaching. Then dark eyes met hers, and she stopped thinking altogether. …what? She thought a second later, What the hell was that? .”… tongue back in your mouth,” Max was saying. “Got a woman for you, but ts one claims to be a detective.”

“What about the rumors about their, ah, sexual potency? Is there anything to the idea that they bespell women?” Grandmother snorted. “They are potent, yes, but there’s no magic to it. Unless you call it magic when a man pays attention to what a woman wants.”

When Rule first meets Dirty Harry – Rule insists…”He needs to defend you. Let him in.”… (Rule) crouched in the center of the room, knees flexed, arms ready. He was taking Harry’s challenge seriously… She turned the lock and opened the door. Harry shot in – straight at Rule. (they tussle)… Then Harry was crouched a couple feet away, ears flat and tail lashing. “That’s right,” Rule murmured, not takinghis eyes off the cat. You’ve the right to protect, but I won’t hurt her. You don’t wish to share, either, but that you will have to do.”… Blood dripped down Rule’s face… Abruptly Harry gave one last growl and sat back on his haunches, looking away from Rule. Rule straightened and turned his head, as if fascinated by the wall. Harry stood, twitched his tail once, and stalked over to her, his fur still bristled… and head for the kitchen. “He…” She swallowed what might have been laughter. “He wants me to feed him.” “He needs to assert his place with you,” Rule said… “Did you let him do that? He barely missed your eye.” “don’t belittle your champion’s skills,” he said wryly. “I let him do nothing.”

“It took me awhile, but it finally dawned on me that the mate bond hand’t been done to me. How could it? I’m immune to magic. It had to come from inside me. I couldn’t repudiate it without rejecting part of myself.” … Right now it was enough – more than enough – to be here withher. Accepted. Chosen… by the Lady and by Lily.
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