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On the Prowl by Patricia Briggs
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May 06, 12

bookshelves: fantasy-romance, short-stories, werewolf-shapeshifter, wizard-witch
Read in May, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Alpha and Omega – Patricia Briggs

The initial meeting of Anna and Charles – Anna calls the Marrock when she recognizes a newly turned were caged in the pack house as a missing high schooler…

Anna is an Omega, a rare were whose presence calms the other weres, especially new weres who don’t have control yet. The Chicago pack – Leo, pack leader; Justin, his second – and he likes blood; Boyd,his third (who gave Anna Marrock’s phone number; Isabelle, Leo’s mate, an old were, and insane – jealous of the other female weres so had them killed, and the older weres killed). Leo recognizes Anna as an omega, has Justin turn her (not giving her a choice, which is ant-were law), allowed the pack to mistreat her (rape, beatings, etc) because he needed Isabelle to be the one to ‘rescue’ her, which she eventually did. Anna told she is a submissive, lowest on the clan hierarchy.

Charles, Marrock’s son, were enforcer comes… Anna meets him, and he recognizes her as an Omega, and his mate. He realizes she is terrified of him, recognizing him as dominant – and he does what he can to calm her. He turns wolf when it is time to sleep, knowing she’d be less frightened by his wolf form than man form. Anna knows that though frightened of him, she also feels safe with him. When Justin ‘breaks’ in for the clan share of her meager paycheck, Charles is angered, sends him off with a message to Leo of a meeting that night… Anna is frightened of his anger, and having trouble controlling it, he goes to her, leans into her holding his body against her until she calms seeing she is safe, and then he is able to calm.

When shot with a silver bullet (meant for Anna), he won’t change because is knows his wolf with silver has struck out in the past.. but her faith that he nor his wolf would hurt her allows her to tell him to change (healing faster)…

He tells her the rules of pack living, and when she insists on the full truth, tells her they are mated. Though she doesn’t exactly know what it means, she tells him that she doesn’t like sex – not particularly before she was changed, but especially not since. He assures her that he will like sex with him.

At the meeting, we find out that leo is trying to protect Isabelle – so he has tolerated her killing off the females and older weres who would report him, turned new weres without their permission to build his pack and give Isabelle sexy men to dally with, and Anna, who’s presence has equalized her a bit. They must fight, though Charles will win – but then Isabelle shoots Charles with silver bullets – and Anna bites her gun arm, pulling her off the fireplace – and Isabelle hit her head and is dead… Boyd protects Anna, while Charles takes down Leo and then the as crazy Justin…

She goes with Charles into a protected cage for him to heal from the silver – and the Marrock comes and takes them home – assuring her that she can leave if she wants to. Hmmmm

Inhuman – Eileen Wilks
Kai and Nathan – Nathan is Sidhe, a Hellhound sent to our realm 400 years earlier to stop a mage and not able to return, as our world did not have enough magic. But there was a storm that moved through the realms, and now earth in inundated with magic, still reeling. He has been different identities, learning to be man more than hound, and learning how to hunt but not kill (except once and awhile)… he is now a policeman and has made friends with Kai. Kai has secrets. Her friends think she is an empathy, but she is a telepath (which scares people), trained by and loved by her grandfather/Indian shaman. A creature from another realm is connecting with Kai through her dreams, she is lonely, she is a chameleon, taking different shapes, and she has killed (sucking blood out of victim)… Kai keeps Nathan from killing it when she recognizes its lonliness, and he calls the Huntmaster and ultimately the Winter Queen - to send it back to its realm… but the see Kai as a binder, a thing to be killed as binders bind people to them, and then control them. But she’s not quite a binder, and she was trained by her grandfather… so she has 3 tests to pass, with Nathan and Dell (the creature) to assist her – to take place in different realms…

Buying Trouble – Karen Chance
Claire, a projective null – Heider, a Sidhe fae. She is two natured, and her null power is coveted. Her father almost sold her to dark fae, but she escaped and has been hiding since. She does not know she is two natured until she has sex with Heider, and her 2nd nature (dragon) is released…


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