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Buried by Linda Joy Singleton
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Jan 27, 12

Buried was a quick, easy, but enjoyable read. The main character, Thorn (née Beth Ann), recently moved to a new town from California, where her mother now has a job as a preacher. The new school is very small town cowboy, and Thorn’s new best friend Rune is the only other goth in the entire school. What not even Rune knows about Thorn is that she’s psychic, something called a finder. She can find lost things, and just knows when something she’s come across is a lost item.

Thorn finds a mysterious locket with hair inside that keeps calling to her, despite her desire to ignore it. And then she finds the bones of a dead baby outside of town, and the Sheriff won’t leave her alone. She’s afraid of his suspicion, and afraid for her mother’s job.

To add to her stress, the school talent show being run by a famous alumni may be her only way to find the locket’s owner, and the Grin Reaper, the school’s unknown vigilante, has begun to strike with a vengeance...

I really liked Thorn as a character. She was easy to relate to, and strong. She was comfortable with who she was, although she did worry about how people saw her and her family, she didn’t get stuck feeling sorry for herself, and she didn’t need a guy to save her. She made decisions based on information available to her, and while she did sometimes do stupid things, they were realistic decisions based on her circumstances.

**Spoiler** There were two things that did bother me, but not enough to stop me from enjoying the book. First, after Thorn spent all that time with Skarla, and decided she really did like her, her reaction to Skarla’s anger and kicking her out was basically “oh well.” What she did to Skarla was pretty bad, but she didn’t seem to care that much, or do anything to let Skarla know she was sorry, even if they couldn’t be friends anymore. Based on Thorn’s personality, and how much she’s had to deal with people pre-judging her, I found this out of character.
Also, Thorn has a big family, and I understand that that’s part of her back story and why they’ve moved, but I knew so little about them that often, when a name other than her non-blood related brother KC’s was mentioned, I often had no idea who it was. I don’t think the siblings needed a ton of development, but enough to get a sense of them and their relationship with Thorn would’ve been nice. As is, there didn’t seem to be much point in them being a part of the book at all.

There were also things I really liked about the book. I liked that it didn’t follow strict stereotypes. Thorn is goth, but not depressed and angsty all the time. It is a part of who she is, not the one thing that defines her. I also was pleasantly surprised when the identity of the Grin Reaper was revealed. It made sense, but was not what I expected.

The end of the story is satisfying, and wraps up the plot well. The reader finds out about the baby and the locket, and while I wasn’t thrilled with the answer, it worked.

A good, entertaining read for people who like mysteries and off beat heroines.
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