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The Last Good Man by A.J. Kazinski
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Jan 30, 12

Read from January 27 to 29, 2012

“The Last Good Man” by A. J. Kazinski, published by Scribner.

Category – Mystery/Thriller

A detective in Venice, Italy has been studying the mysterious deaths of people around the world. They all have died with a mark on their backs. The mark is not a tattoo or a burn but seems to be a symbol. Is ideas are dismissed by his superiors and he has to continue his investigation on his own time. In Copenhagen, another detective, Niels Bentzon, who also becomes involved with these mysterious deaths and symbols, starts gathering information from his Italian counterpart and both of them work together to try and solve the case. Niels finds help in Hannah Lund, an astrophysicist, who starts to unravel the mystery with the use of mathematics. It seems the deaths are not only well planned but have their source in Jewish scripture.

The belief is that there are thirty-six righteous men in the world who do not know who they are, and without them the world will perish. These men are being murdered and a hunt begins to find “The Last Good Man” before he is murdered. Niels and Hannah have discovered the time and place of the last two murders, but do not know if the next one will be in Venice or Copenhagen.

An excellent mystery that will have you turning the pages from the first page to the last. The mystery not only lies in the marks on the back of the victims and their meaning, but also the race to find these men that leads to a surprising ending.

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