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The Future of Us by Jay Asher
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Well...huh. This was an interesting read. I agree with most people's complaints about the "butterfly effect" aspect of the book. I'm not sure how I feel about miniscule things changing the outcome of my future. However, that being said, I think it was a really cool idea for a book. And as usual, Asher and Mackler have a done a great job inventing realistic characters and dialogue.

On a personal note, this read was actually quite uncomfortable for me to read. I'm the exact right age to be either Emma or Josh and it was CRAZY how the book brought me right back to high school and the late 1990's. The Macarena (sorry if I spelled that wrong..), Dave Matthews Band, and Wonderwall were great references for the time. And the way that Emma and Josh got so obsessed with their futures felt all to real. The one thing I kept thinking through the book was, Gosh, I wish I hadn't taken life so seriously and that I hadn't worried about all these things. And at the same time, I wished I had taken it more seriously. I know that makes no sense, but like I said, this book brought up a bunch of stuff for me. :) Much like Emma! lol.

Also, I thought the whole realizing the sweet, good boy is good for you and not constantly going for bad guys or just dating bad guys cause its safe was a good storyline for me and other girls to read. It reminded me how I should be thankful everyday that I didn't let my moment pass me by when it came.:P
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