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Predator's Gold by Philip Reeve
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Jul 24, 12

it was amazing
bookshelves: science-fiction, steampunk, young-adult, post-apocalyptic
Read in April, 2011

dear reader,

I love this book, but not as much as the first one. For instance, Hester is not so despicable and cold person, she has softened for Tom, which makes her less sarcastic and violent. Some characters, like Freya and Pennyroyal got to my nerves. And other new characters, like Caul, warmed my heart.

This is the second book, after the success of Mortal Engines, and Mr. Reeve delivered and met my high expectations for the sequel. After going through the character development in the first book, this one offers more insight of their personalities through the actions and how their decisions and thoughts begin to further shape their personalities before us. This is a completely new adventure with new characters and lots of plot twists (as is usual with Reeve’s narrative style). This book is comical, really funny, mainly because of Reeve’s narrative style; and there is something special and quirky about the names he gives his characters, something unique about them.

Two years have passed after the destruction of London, and the ghost still follows our two adventurers. They took Anna Fang’s airship and travel along the bird’s road, but an unfortunate event pushed them into a peaceful city moving in the Ice Wastes, Anchorage. More characters are introduced thereafter, including the precocious, beautiful Freya, who will develop feelings for Tom (and Hester is envious of!); Professor Pennyroyal, a bluff “historian” and writer who will, more often than not, make your blood boil (he is one of those annoying characters who do no good, but always come out unharmed and successful); quiet, awkward burglar Caul; and greedy Piotr Masgard, a Huntsmen of Arkangel (see, the names are special).

Also, a conspiracy is going on with the green storm and the revival of their former leader, Anna Fang will stir threats. The setting and world-building continues in this story, introducing us to new cities and static settlements. Hester still is my favorite character, and her ugly, strong, and murderous personality will definitely be prominent in this book. Her love for Tom is highlighted through the most awful betrayal imaginable. Tom is a sweet character, always caring for Hester, even though he receives hideous remarks about her looks from everybody they meet.

For the writing style, is as fast-paced, straightforward, and action oriented as Mortal Engines. The imagery was powerful, and how Reeve ties characters and events is seamless. You just can’t put the book down once you started reading.

happy reading.

my fondest valedictory,


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