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The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams
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I don't know why I love it. I really do. I read it in one go, until 2 o clock in the morning. My usual bedtime is 11pm.
I completely understand why some people swoon over this book, without giving a proper explanation of why they take such drastic measures to prove to the world why this book has them at their knees. Heck, I don't merely understand; i EMPATHISE with them.
I'm not saying this book hasn't its flaws. They are there, and heck, in copious amounts. I completely do not see why Aren falls for MacKenzie right from the start. I can see that he is, head over heels in fact, but I'm sorry, Aren honey, you should give a proper reasoning. When did it start? Was it love at first sight? I'm not an advocate of LAFS, so if I want the romance to be complete, I'd really like some rational explanation before readers like myself are suddenly plunged into the surprise of "They're together?!"
Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, I don't see why MacKenzie falls in love with Aren. I mean uh, sure I do, Aren's hot, perfect, caring, suave..... (woosh, excuse me a minute, Fangirl Moment over here....*fan myself*...) but come on, Kyol has been with her for TEN WHOLE FREAKING YEARS. It's not really fair that someone can break their chemistry so quickly (but if you ask the irrational part of me, I say: "AREN FOR THE WIN!!!! KYOL, YOU DON'T STAND A FREAKING CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!") Please ignore the previous comment as I awaken from my fangirl moment once again.
Some parts, to me, are rushed, and undeveloped. I still don't know what half the fae terms mean,m or what silver does, even after explanation and all. I usually detest love triangles, but this one is portrayed rather immaculately. I don't think MacKenzie's really, really special either, but she has a fighting spirit and will to survive that I could die for. But surely she acts too impulsively for a 26 year old? Though maybe I would, or worse, if I were in her shoes.
Some books are loved for no reason. This is definitely one of them. Unfortunately, as much as I do, I can't ignore the confusion and disappointment in some parts of the book. One star has to go from this book. Still, I would reread this book any day.

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