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BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker
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Apr 24, 12

Read from April 13 to 23, 2012

This started out looking like something I would really enjoy but as the writing progressed it seemed to loose it's appeal for me. There were too many simple coincidences and unbelieveable elements to be able to suspend disbeief.
Frank Ryan is a Naval Intelligence officer in Iraq who is captured and tortured by a man who gains revenge for the death of his daughter and other innocent civlians whose bodies were crushed under rubble of American bombing raids. He does this by breaking their bones under torture.
Ryan manages to escape, and while recovering, decides to try to mend his failed marriage and relationship to his daughter who felt abandoned by him leaving them to serve his country. By just a strange set of coincidences, Ryan's wife is in a relationship with a D.A. who is trying to bring to justice, a serial murderer AKA "The Boneman", who just happens to kill his victims by breaking the bones in their body and letting them die. Somehow, after Ryan is rejected by his wife and daughter, the daughter is kidnapped by the Boneman - really. Wait, it gets better. Ryan manages to do some stupid stuff so that he becomes the suspect thought to be The Boneman. It gets even wierder from there as relationships between Ryan, daughter, and Boneman come to light. By this time I had lost all ability to just go with the story as I kept thinking...how dumb is this?

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