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Destined by P.C. Cast
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Jan 26, 2012

did not like it
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Read in January, 2012

Judged by the Cover: Surprisingly Likable

For all the things I didn't like about this book the cover was not one of them. Sure I'm sick of the shirtless guy factor that is a trend on far too many teen novels -not to mention on the inside of the jacket cover on the hard back, a bigger picture of the same guy shirtless- besides that I think it gives someone who hasn't read the rest of the series a good impression, with the figure having the shadow of a bull adds a air of mystery to the readers cloud of thoughts in the consumers head. Not to mention the series signature swirls on the cover, though they aren't as visible on the actually book as they are in this picture.

What's Up?

Once again Zoey is back at the House of Night with Stark and ready for another face off with Neferet. And with Rephaim's new human form and without Kalona's hold on him released he is finally free to be with Stevie Rae. Too bad Neferet has another evil plan brewing involving a influx of human staff at the house of night and using a inhuman boy created to be her personal weapon, who Zoey can sense has some human left in him that is just out of her reach.

Character: No

Zoey can be a very relate-able character in many ways: she has times when she is strong, and when she literary could not take the world around her anymore and just had to take a step back, and a very rare happy medium. Although with this comes the depressing crushing fact that if she and her friends are supposed to represent the modern day teenager I am completely appalled. Although I don't claim that all of this generations teens have perfect grammar -or can form any kind of grammatically correct sentence- the fact that these characters are called the nerds of the school and they can't say anything remotely smart about what is going on is quite demeaning.

Romance: 6

As what is a Guardian Warrior to Zoey in the book it's expected that he would be protective of her. Over the course of the novel it seemed that there was little character development for him. Mostly being protective of Zoey -in a adorable way- and having sexy dreams about her. Altogether he was a flat character, at least he wasn't completely annoying

Anti Bonus Features: LolCats

Yes, when you pin the cute little kitty next to the wonderful slang and grammatically correct sentence it just equals cute right? Now picture the sentences You eated my cookie? and You haz no gurlfriend scattered throughout the entire novel. At a certain point you can understand they are teenagers and use slang, but it is a little much.

Pop Culture References

The fact that these teens are in the midst of a gigantic war with Neferet -and have been for the past six books- that if they don't win will practically be the end of the world as we no it. Now knowing this information you would think they would put more thought into a battle strategy and less into what Miley Cyrus eat for breakfast.


This unfavored feature is more for the series as a whole, but is still relevant to this book. Zoey is a women of many boyfriends she really just needs to pick 'the one'. She starts with Heath and gets to dating Eric/Loren/Heath, then shes dating Korona/Heath/Stark, finally in this book shes only dating Stark and then at the end it's hinted at a rekindling of a relationship with a past boyfriend.

There is a passage in the novel in the book in which the character Stevie Rae confronts the character Aphrodite about her frequent use of the 'r-word'. Of course the mean girl ignores this and defends her side and the story goes on. In the books prior to this the characters in the other book cuss often too but Stevie Rae never brings it up. On further investigation it turns out the authors experienced this conversation with someone on there site and instead of ending it there decided to use the book to get back at the person.

Final Flavor: Fast Food

The idea that the series was fine for the first few bites, and then it really started tasting bad. The authors created an excellent world for the characters to live in. Unfortunately these characters have been living in this world with little to no character development. They are still trying to defeat the same evil master mind they have been fighting against for more then half the series. Although I can't speak for the series in it's entirety, -I skipped about 3 books in the middle- from what I can tell is the next book can either return the series to its former glory or keep it falling in the downward spiral it's been going in for the past few books.
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