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Communion by Whitley Strieber
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Jan 26, 12

Read in August, 1988

When my nephew was about ten years old, he insists he was visited by aliens. He says he woke up in the middle of the night with a bright orb coming through his bedroom window. Then nothing. The next thing he remembers is being in his parents bedroom trying to wake them up to warn them - but nothing would wake them. Next morning, the foot of his bed and bedroom floor were drenched. His mother asked him for an explanation and he told her the events of the previous night. Naturally she didn't believe him and thought he'd been up to mischief. That evening, the local paper, had headlines of strange sightings and lights in the night sky. The location given, was directly over my nephew's neighborhood.
He still insists to this day, as a 40+ father of three children, that something odd happened that night.
So when I read Communion, I did so with an open mind and a small vested interest. I now have no doubts that we are not alone.
Whitley Streiber insists that everything in this book actually happened. Even the biggest doubting Thomas would be hard pushed to explain some of Streiber's experiences - without calling him an out & out liar.
Even for non-believers, if you simply treat this as a good read, it is an incredible, powerful and sometimes uncomfortable story.

"Communion is one man's gripping story of repeated contact with apparent aliens or visitors. Assuming that these events are factual - and I think they are - then we human beings must begin a re-evaluation of ourselves and our place in the universe." Dr M.Bruce Maccabee. US Navy research physicist.

"Communion raises more questions for science than a galaxy full of black holes. It is beautifully written and one hell of a good read: a moving and courageous book." Dr John Gliedman: Research psychologist.

"Communion is a brilliant compelling and provcative work." Dr David Webb. Chairman Of Space Studies: University Of Dakota.
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message 1: by Jim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jim Mcvean Hey man
I sympathise with your cousin
After reading this book it triggered similar memories in me
I believe it has made me a better man (43)

Nothing That's incredibly creepy, about your nephew as a child. Poor kid must have been terrified! I wonder if it affected him in any major way psychologically, how could it not (not accusing him of having a breakdown, it seems he's doing well from how you describe him. More so like nightmares or phobias or something). Whatever happened seemed to have terrified him at the time. Poor guy :-(
I'm generally skeptical, but at the same time I remain open. I've experienced weird. things myself. Some things I've spent much of my addult life alternately trying to understand & trying to ignore!
Likewise, my late fiancé had some experiences when visiting Russia (where he's from) that he wouldn't discuss, all I picked up from translating the things he'd mutter in Russian during his nightmares was "bad lights in the sky again", "the stars are falling" and then screaming "it's coming" repeatedly. Once I jokingly asked him if it was a UFO and he frozze up and said not to ever joke about UFOs (bear in mind, he was a grad student studying astrophysics, not just some conspiracy nut like yours truly, lol). Sure, all that could have a million other explanations, but... you'd have to have seen it, night after night, the sheer animal terror in the eyes of an otherwise rational & skeptical scientist. The whole subject is just unsettling in general.
Whenever I meet others that have, like me, had weird incidents. Like a shared understanding you can't explain or even express.

John Read Yes - there is more out there than we can imagine. One day.....
My nephew is now a grown man and wears a long pony tail.
We all say it is to hide the implant scar. He takes it in good part.
Thanks for writing.

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