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Footsteps by Pramoedya Ananta Toer
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Feb 22, 2012

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Read from January 26 to February 22, 2012

I didn't like this book as much as This Earth of Mankind and Child of All Nation.
This is a book where the beginning and ending are shocking, but the middle part absolutely boring. Maybe it's because I find economic and political matters difficult to understand. But I also didn't like Minke anymore, even Nyai for moving out of the country and her new relationship. In short, I didn't like the old characther anymore. I haven't acquainted myself enough to really know the new characters, but I found the new ones interesting and refreshing.
Also I just realized in this book that Minke doesn't like Indos. I hate Minke for "forgetting" Annelies, I know she's dead and it's a painful memory. But Minke always praises Mei, who is also his dead wife. I guess I miss Annelies.

This is the last book written from Minke's perspective. I hope 4th book will not be disappointing.

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Reading Progress

02/08/2012 page 31
6.0% "Compared to the other two books before, the beginning of Footsteps is a bit “slow”... I miss Annelies and the love story..."
02/10/2012 page 67
14.0% "It's funny how all the things that seem obvious nowadays, was really a mystery, thought-provoking question in the past. Minke always worries that he doesn't know anything or doesn't understand the conversations of the Europeans..."
02/10/2012 page 111
23.0% "I can not believe what Minke just did!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHH! Annelies, Annelies, how I wish you were still alive!"
02/14/2012 page 196
41.0% "Amazing historical fiction. I didn't know that Bali, just at the turn of the 20th century succumbed to Dutch rule."
02/14/2012 page 228
48.0% "Minke and May, WHY??? Nyai and Jean? This is a bit strange."
02/15/2012 page 252
53.0% "Halfway through, I must say I don't find this as good as the first and second book of the series. Nyai has become increasingly annoying, I don't like her anymore. What happened to Darsam? He hasn't shown up yet. However the description of the political situation during those times are well written."
02/17/2012 page 296
62.0% "Ah, right now the book is really boring in my opinion. If the book were to end here, I would just give it three stars."
02/18/2012 page 337
70.0% "I don't know why I dislike Minke. In Indonesia, it is common for people to say "you need to get married, have children", and for the Javanese having numerous wives isn't out of the ordinary. Minke's wives have all died, so he's single, but I hate him for marrying exotic, pretty, educated women all the time, who suddenly die so he can marry. This book is half politics, half relationships."
02/18/2012 page 366
76.0% "Minke has officially become annoying. Just because Mir gave birth and it wasn't his child, he needs to get Princess pregnant. And he calls himself an educated person."
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