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Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
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Jan 26, 2012

really liked it
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Read from January 25 to 26, 2012

I don't usually read YA books, but I really enjoyed this one. I absolutely love Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series and thought I would give one of her other series a go.

Gwen is a Gypsy with the power of psychometry, the power to touch objects and people and read thoughts, feelings and visions from them. After touching her friend's hairbrush she freaks out, having had a vision of the abuse Paige was suffering. This led to the untimely death of Gwen's mother, who was the detective involved in this case. Gwen is soon thereafter sent to Mythos Academy, a private school for descendants of the Greek, Spartan, Valkyrie and Amazonian heroes of mythology. Gwen, however, doesn't believe in any of that ancient history stuff and never seems to fit at her new school. To everyone she is known as "that Gypsy girl with the weird power" and no-one wants to know!

Unfortunately whilst working late one night at the library, Gwen finds Jasmine, the queen bee of the school, murdered and the Bowl of Tears, a priceless artefact supposedly meant to help release Loki, the god of Chaos from his prison, has disappeared. This can only mean something bad is going to happen... No-one seems particularly bothered that Jasmine has died, least of all her best friend and boyfriend. No-one that is except for Gwen. For some unknown reason she just has to find out why Jasmine died and who killed her, but her curiosity soon lands her in more trouble than she can handle. Luckily for her she has her own hero in the form of a Spartan named Logan Quinn. A very handsome Spartan, who despite being the male-whore of the school, soon sparks Gwen's interest.

Eventually Gwen works out what is going on and tries to stop the Reaper, a follower of Loki who will do anything they can to help release him and bring war to earth. Gwen manages to survive with the help of her hero, a goddess, a talking sword and some sheer damn good luck!

Although Gwen annoyed me at the beginning of the book, constantly going on about how guilty she felt about her mom's death by a drunk driver, I did have to step back and remember she is only 17, had lost her mom only 6 months before and has been thrown into a new school, where she feels like the school freak, where no-one befriends her and where she feels that she just cannot fit in. She's scared, lonely and still feeling depressed about her mom. She is a determined young girl though, caring about the death of someone who was definitely not a friend, even if no-one else will.

I was a little disappointed with the love interest story between Gwen and Logan. I so hoped he would stop being such an ass at the end, but nope he didn't. He admitted his feelings to Gwen but didn't explain why they couldn't be together. I hope this is explained more in the next book.

I will read the next one in this series and hope it is just as good.

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