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Emma by Jane Austen
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Review: July 2014

This is a book that gets better the more times you read it. I think knowing how everything turns out you pick up on a lot more in every subsequent re-read. The first time I read Emma, I was a sophomore in high school and I had to read it for my English class and I hated it. I was absolutely appalled that the same women who wrote my darling Elizabeth Bennet also wrote Miss Emma Woodhouse. I thought Emma was spoiled, conceited, full of herself and a bit of a meddler. Flash forward ten years and she still is all those things but after re-reading her now four or five times I have to say, I love Emma now. Yes she meddles and yes she is spoiled but at heart, Emma is a good person. She loves her family and her friends and though she has faults (her behavior towards Jane is one for example), she sees them and tries to fix them as the story goes on and she tries to learn from her mistakes. I love that, I love that so much and that is such a good lesson. I spent most of this book beaming over Emma and everyone else in this small town and the last fifty pages or so with her and Knightley (yes, I'm like Mrs. E, I call him "Knightley") is my favorite. I will admit I did not like her evasiveness in dealing with Harriet, (view spoiler) but that was a minor concern. But man, Frank Churchill. What a douche. I'm sorry but I have to agree with Mr. Knightley (view spoiler)

But oh, can we talk about (view spoiler)? I'm sorry but that slays me every time. This stupid book, these characters. I'm glad I listened to friends when they told me to not give up on Emma and to re-read it again. Great advice. I now pass it on to others who are having trouble liking Emma. Don't give up, she improves in time! Also go watch Clueless, the 2009 Emma BBC version and the Emma Approved vlogs currently airing on youtube, those are some of my favorite Emma adaptations.

First GR read April 2009.
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31.0% ""If SHE had so misinterpreted his feelings, she had little right to wonder that HE, with self-interest to blind him, should have mistaken hers" - Clarity and eyes-open-to-blind-spots Emma is my favorite kind of Emma. Right after Matchmaking Emma of course." 2 comments
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Katie Yes she meddles and yes she is spoiled but at heart, Emma is a good person.

This is why I love her! It was always so clear to me that she was doing her best, even though I certainly don't want to defend some of her specific actions.

(view spoiler)

steph KNIGHTLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany I'm so glad you've come around. I remember talking about Emma with you and you couldn't understand why I adore her. I love this book more and more every time I read it.

steph I know, right? Remember how much I HATED her and you were all, "No, No!" LOL. I am glad I came around too. She is delightful.

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