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The Thirteenth Child by J.L. O'Faolain
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Jan 27, 12

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bookshelves: erotica, urban-fantasy, lgbt
Read from January 25 to 27, 2012

** spoiler alert ** This urban fantasy erotica is the first in a series. The narrator is Tuulois MacColewyn, an exiled sidhe who usually just goes by the name ‘Cole.’ He’s been living in NYC since at the very least, the 1920’s after his exile. There are missing chunks of his back-story but we do know that he was Queen Titania’s ‘wolf’ and was exiled by Lord Oberon and that he has helped detective James Corhagen with odd cases in the past.

The men have a tumultuous past and a great deal of sexual tension and desire between them (though I must admit, I felt that more from Cole than James). James, however is married with two kids and one on the way, and his wife Sarah is a very sore point between them (Cole doesn’t believe the first child is James). Cole is very comfortable with his bisexuality. James seems far less so.

When James magically summons Cole right out of the apartment he shares with young Katalina (platonically), Cole isn’t thrilled. James needs his help. Someone is murdering people in seriously bizarre ways and their children have gone missing. One of Cole’s sidhe abilities is to raise the dead and it’s soon evident that there is a plot afoot and that the children are the center of it. With the help of Vallimun, Corhagen’s boss, they have to unravel the mystery before the thirteenth child is kidnapped and another family dies.

Overall, I enjoyed this. I know other reviewers were disappointed in the lack of romance but that is the appeal to me. Because it really isn’t romantic. It’s flat out urban fantasy with erotica in it and I couldn’t think of a better meeting of subgenres. For me, romantic subplots are fine, full on romance as the main plot, not so much so. I liked Cole a lot though I thought both Corhagen and Vallimun needed fleshing out more (though since this is through Cole’s eyes that is easier said than done). I liked the research put into the faeries but thought some of the police procedural aspects were a tad iffy.

On the negative side, I didn’t see a good reason why Cole is so wrapped up in Corhagen (there seemed to be more chemistry with Vallimun and there is a three way mutual attraction thing in the storyline). Corhagen seemed more cold and distant than anything but that could be a side effect of the denial Cole seems to believe James is in living in. For those looking for a lot of sex scenes, there aren’t that many. This did not bother me. I was put off a little by the timing of some of the sex scenes (as in the dumbest time ever to take your clothes off sort of thing) and the continued reminders of how huge everyone was (well, I suppose that’s part of the genre). I would definitely buy the next one in the series. Cole and his world were interesting.

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