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The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
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Jul 09, 2008

did not like it

I know this is supposed to be some great classic bit of American literature but I hated it. I get that it is supposed to be written in the voice of the uneducated Santiago but to me it just reads like a Dick and Jane primer. I was ready to sell my soul for a multisyllabic word or a complex sentence.
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Davis Phosphorescent isn't multi-syllabic?

Michelle it is indeed. i was employing hyperbole in my review to express my dislike. ;)

message 3: by Bukk (new) - rated it 1 star

Bukk Hemingway writes in a way that makes Dick and Jane seem sophisticated.

Samuel Nicholas Do you have the same disdain for Orwell or others who express the greatest meaning with the simplest prose?

Phoenix Samuel you cannot argue with small minds, nor is it even advisable

Michelle Samuel and Phoenix (in particular), I am sure there are great classics which you have read you have not enjoyed. There are others which I cherish and reread. Not every book appeals to every reader and the reasons are as broad as the scope of literature itself.

You are certainly free to have a difference of opinion regarding Hemingway's work or that of any other author. If everyone enjoyed the same things to the same degree there would be no point in having a site where reviews are posted.

A discussion or debate about the merits of a specific work should be based on examples from the text or perhaps a given author's body of work compared to that of another. Insulting someone simply because of difference of opinion does nothing to strengthen your argument.

So, if you'd like to share specific passages from this book which you feel achieve that ideal of expressing great meaning with the simplest of prose I'll consider them. Who knows, I may even agree that Hemingway succeeds. It doesn't mean I have to fall in love with the work. He may be a skilled writer but I do not enjoy his works. Just like I believe my dentist is a skilled dentist but I don't particularly enjoy having a tooth drilled.

Phoenix You made a solid argument for your particular point of view. Unfortunately I do not have time to dig through and provide the requested passages. I am already moving on and rereading a series I went through some time ago. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback.

Michelle Thank you, I appreciate your willingness to consider my points. I hope you enjoy your rereading thoroughly.

Dane Carathers “You did not kill the fish only to keep alive and to sell for food, he thought. You killed him for pride and because you are a fisherman. You loved him when he was alive and you loved him after. If you love him, it is not a sin to kill him. Or is it more?”

message 10: by Dane (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dane Carathers “He no longer dreamed of storms, nor of women, nor of great occurrences, nor of great fish, nor fights, nor contests of strength, nor of his wife. He only dreamed of places now and the lions on the beach. They played like young cats in the dusk and he loved them as he loved the boy. He never dreamed about the boy. He simply woke, looked out the open door at the moon and unrolled his trousers and put them on.”

Michelle Thank you, Dane for taking the time to share the passages I assume speak most powerfully to you.

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