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May 21, 12

it was amazing
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I very carefully stayed off Goodreads from the moment I got the book until I finished reading it. I look forward to having my opinion in rereads influenced by what others think but for the first read I wanted to have my own reactions in isolation.

I think the core of this book was about trust. Ty and Zane learning to trust each other emotionally. Or, maybe, not learning so much as finally just taking a deep breath and taking the plunge. The learning curve occurred in the earlier books. And, of course, they've already developed complete trust in the other having his back in any dangerous situation.

Trust between old war buddies: Burns and Jonas, and of course, Ty and Nick. When Jonas comes to Burns at the beginning of the story with an outrageous story and no proof, Burns trusts him implicitly because of their history together. Later in the book we learn more about Ty and Nick's history, and better understand the trust between them and why it's an unshakeable bond. There are enough parallels to help make clear, I think, the depth of the trust between Burns and Jonas.

When Zane finally talks to Nick, we see a trust develop between them. A trust that they both love Ty, both want what is best for him, and both agree that is clearly Zane. With that understanding and trust, the door opens for Zane and Nick to become real friends, too. I was never a Nick-hater after the last book, feeling sympathetic to his circumstances. I was glad to see my trust borne out in this book.

There's also the trust between Julian and Cameron. Cam trusts Julian to take care of him, trusts that if Julian says all is well (or will be)... he knows Julian well enough to know that might not be true in the moment, that Julian may just be trying to protect him and keep him from worrying. But he has enough trust in Julian's intent and ability to care for him that even when he knows Julian is lying, he can still trust him. And Julian trusts Cameron to assist in that protection, to not be a liability. Eventually, Ty and Zane build a trust with Julian that they're all on the same side: wanting the four of them to make it to DC alive.

There's also Ty's trust in Burns, complete after growing up with the man as his father's best friend and honed over years of working for him. Zane also trusts Burns, based on his own history working for him. So even when circumstances might suggest that Burns could be betraying them, and possibly trying to kill them, they ignore the evidence based on the trust of years.

One thing I didn't understand (view spoiler)

Miscellaneous thoughts:

At the risk of psychoanalyzing without a license, but knowing some of the circumstances about how this went from being a co-authored series to a solo one, I imagine trust and betrayal of trust was very much on Abigail's mind as she wrote it. I know a lot of the plot changed when it became a solo work, and I wonder if the trust theme is new or was part of the original plot.

This book answered most of the open questions from the last one, about why Ty left (and where he went), about Nick, about that darn necklace from F&C.

It was great spending more time with Deuce, and seeing what he's up to. It was also fun to visit his home and learn a bit more about him that way.

I loved the tenderness Ty and Zane finally allowed themselves to display. And how they really started to settle into becoming a true couple. I think they had reached the point of (to put it crudely) shit or get off the pot, when romantic relationships either end or deepen into something lasting. I had assumed it would last, given there are several more books in the series, but it's one thing to assume and another thing to witness it happening so beautifully. I loved seeing them really talk and open up to each other finally.

And, needless to say, I'm delighted that the wait for the next book is only a couple of months. Of course, even that is still too much! But maybe not, as I think it's good to have some time to digest between the books. So the time between this release and the next one is probably just about perfect. Dare I hope there will be a similar spacing between books 6 and 7?
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10.0% "I'm rereading. And I got to the part where Ty is searching his trench coat for the "something" he bought Zane, and I realized I don't remember ever learning what it was. Does he ever give it to Zane? Is that one of the things I'll catch (or remember!) upon rereading?"
16.0% ""Zane's height was the only thing that precluded them from sharing pants as well."

Didn't Zane wear Ty's pants at one point in D&C, and think at the time that it was possible because most of his extra height was in his torso?"
26.0% ""Ty looked at him dubiously, wondering what Zane might have bought at a Walgreens that would help burned nipples—and why—but he decided not to ask."

A curiosity I share. :)"
31.0% ""“Want the other set of cuffs?” Zane asked, hoping to appease his cranky partner. “You could spread his arms out.”

“Will someone please tell me the safe word?” Julian asked.""

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Jenn You are one of my favorite people to discuss books with. I generally agree with you on books, but you always point out things that I saw but didn't put voice to. It's awesome. Trust is a fantastic thread theme throughout the book. How adorable was it (view spoiler)

Jess Candela Thanks, I love discussing books with you, too! Like with the road trip, you also point out things I saw but didn't articulate. Helps me better understand and appreciate. :D

And yes, that was adorable! (view spoiler)

Stacey I want to double like this review, Jeay Ci, and then take it to bed with me and snuggle, lol!! You hit the theme of trust perfectly.

message 4: by Jess (last edited May 18, 2012 08:13PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess Candela Thanks, Stacey, I'm flattered! That was the main thing that stood out for me when I stepped back and asked, "What did I think of this book?" But then for some reason, writing this review felt like I was back in high school writing a book report. LOL

ETA: I realized why it felt like writing a book report: because I was discussing a "central theme" and the various things that supported it. :D

Purplegirl Just a few months for the next one?

Jenn Yep, July. :)

Purplegirl Jenn wrote: "Yep, July. :)"

Oh goody!

Trish jeayci, we definitely have similar viewpoint for this book. one question tho.... what happen to the "thing" ty was reaching for in his trench coat to give zane in the very beginning of the book. he couldn't find it at that time and i thought maybe he would give it to zane after he got the necklace....

did i miss it?

Jess Candela Trish, I didn't see it on my reread so I think it's one of those things we have to wait to find out later. Particularly after this book, I trust that Abigail will tie up all the loose ends... eventually. :)

Lirajean Excellent review. You made me think about the book in ways I hadn't.

What do you think about the meaning behind the title?

message 11: by Jess (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess Candela Lirajean wrote: "Excellent review. You made me think about the book in ways I hadn't.

What do you think about the meaning behind the title?"

Thank you, that's a great compliment! :)

I didn't really see any deeper meaning in the title, did you?

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