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The Pleasure And Pain Of Feminization by Regan Dane
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Jan 26, 12

Read from January 25 to 26, 2012

After reading the first two books by Regen Dane, I thought I might as well continue on and read the others in consideration to this year's book reading challenge. So far out of the three books I read, this is probably the worst one as it pertains to editing and direction. There are right now eighteen books written by this author and they are all of a very sexual nature as shown by the titles they have. Originally when I was suggested these books, I was hoping for at least some directive such as in Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. Out of all three books, the second one was pretty good for what it was. This one is probably my first one star rated book I have reviewed and there are many reasons why.

The first reason is the directive of the plot. The story is about a boy who wants to become closer to his older sister. He finds out she wanted a sister instead of a brother and through some ends and means, agrees to cross dress and act like a girl. While cross dressing as a girl, he (which I will now say she since he wants to be a girl now) learns the benefits and the conflicts of being the opposite gender from the wonders of wearing women's clothing, the constant craving of feminine attention from the male gender, and of course sexual indulgences too. This can be a very good point for a very interesting plot but the direction was poorly presented. A lot of the book is just overly repetitive explanation of clothes. The clothes can be described in detail but it comes to a point it is just described multiple times in different ways without any smarts to it. Not to mention the lack of editing causes the feeling of repetition on a sense of boredom more than intricacies.

The ending had a bit more pull than the rest of the story but the overall book wasn't really good at all. For the price tag of about four dollars though, it could be acceptable to a point but that is up to a point of a reader's tolerance. I myself didn't mind any of the issues but whenever I review, I do it in correspondence of others who may read this book. I would easily suggest anyone who likes reading to get their rocks off to read other novels because this one really has a lot lacking in it especially since editing is a dire must for this book. There wasn't one return between different lines of dialogue at all! That's a big no-no in writing.

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