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Secret Invasion by Brian Michael Bendis
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Jan 25, 2012

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This is graphic/comic book that tells the story of the "Secret Invasion" by the Skrull of Earth. The Skrull Empire's planets have been devastated and they've been plotting this for some time make great (and extremely convoluted) preparations.

As I've noted elsewhere I date back to the Silver age of comics. I haven't kept up since than and am reading some of the collections and graphic novels of the updates and so on. My experience with the Skrull dates back to the Skrull Kree war comics (Avengers June 1971 through March 1972). The skrull and the Kree were both galaxy spanning races locked in a war and Earth was drawn in as a sort foot hold planet. A base both sides wanted so to speak. (I gather now that the Skrull are supposed to be from the Andromeda Galaxy??? Long trip.)We were introduced to the Skrull in Fantastic 4 in the person of Super Skrull who had the powers of all the fantastic four. He (and later 4 other Skrulls) could shape shift and look like anyone. Now apparently they can not only shape shift but mimic the powers of anyone (maybe anything).

This led to one of the reasons I drop this to a 3 star rating. For three quarters of the book we have panels and panels sometimes entire page sized panels of beautiful art work, mostly depicting battles. But for that 3/4 of the book you really have no idea who' who!! It's a truly secret invasion. Not only can the participants not tell who's who...neither can the reader.

A second reason for my lower than usual rating of the book I'll list below under a spoiler warning.

(view spoiler)

There are some good things here a little more insight into what started the "Civil War" that lead to Cap's shooting and few more insights as well. The art is beautiful and the cast of characters huge, we even have a guest shot of Galactus and the Watcher. All this is pretty good. I think that the writers just "out smarted themselves" a bit.

Okay, but not great. Hope the next one I try doesn't disappoint as much.
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