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The Faerie Guardian, Part I by Rachel  Morgan
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Mar 07, 12

Read in March, 2012

Rachel Morgan's "Guardian" Charms the Stars

When I was a kid, I believed in the tooth fairy and that I had a fairy godmother, both of whom, I was sure kept me in penny candy during the day and, later, as my imagination grew, my fairy godmother kept the dreaded Dracula away at night. I'm convinced my fairy godmother had enormous powers. How else to explain her protection after my mother found garlic hanging on the backside of my bedpost? under the bed? under the sofa's cushions in the living room? (In case Dracula entered by the front door.)

However, At LSU (Louisiana State University), I encountered The Faerie Queen and almost fainted. Edmund Spenser, a 1500s rock star, had written one of the longest poem in the English language. My instructor actually expected me to read the behemoth over a long weekend. (He'd obviously never heard of Happy Hour!) Okay, Spenser had a thing for Queen Elizabeth I of England. I got it! So I read a few pages, went to the bookstore, and bought an abridged summary.

My love for faeries returned when I read Rachel Morgan's "Guardian," the first book in her "Creepy Hollow" series. I hadn't a clue this would happen when Rachel asked me be to be a beta reader. "Er, Rachel, I'm into alligators and gumbo. Faeries?"

"Please give the book a try. If you don't like it, you won't hurt my feelings."

"But just send a couple of chapters at first, okay?"

A couple of pages into the first chapter, I e-mailed Rachel for the rest. Yep, "Guardian" hooked me. I fell in love with Vi, a guardian faerie with purple air, magical powers, and a super cool wit. Nate, the gorgeous human the Guild had sent Vi to save, made me think of wine by a cozy fire when hub came home.

Through a clever plot, Nate enters a magical world hidden from humans where pixies, elves, and goblins abound in forests. Trees morph into dwellings. Mushrooms glow from ceilings. Faeries summon daggers from thin air, a good thing, as it turns out. Not every faerie is a good faerie. Jealousy and sinister innuendos abound.

Vi has to outfox adversaries and overcome a failed assignment if she hopes to graduate with the Guild's highest award for a guardian. Nate's human personage presents enormous problems. For openers, Vi wasn't supposed to bring a human into her faerie world, ahem, one of those things supervisors don't like -- and tell you so.

"Guardian" is a page-turner with a super delicious plot and fantastic characters who draw you into their worlds. I hope you enjoy this gorgeous read as much as I did. My rating: 5 stars.
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