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Jan 24, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from May 17 to 18, 2012

Next please!!

I loved this book, it's my new favorite of this series.
Almost every complaint I had in some of the other books have been either explained or resolved or improved in this one:
The plot was an amazing setting for the humor, action and romance Ty and Zane are known for...and when it was funny it was not JUST funny but hilarious, especially when the characters of Julian and Cam were added to it. The "He has a bomb" just simply blew me away :D
The "road-trip" did wonders for the pace, it altered between slow and passionate, funny and bizarre to fast and explosive and not even once did I feel like the story was dragging on. The twists and turns also had me guessing...it was not as easy to figure out who the bad guy was like in the first book...nor was it weird and confusing like in the cruise book.
Then there were other issues like characters, especially Nick..damn I hated this character, I was so afraid he would turn up to be like the Jean character in the SF series...but nop, the author resolved that issue in a amazing way.
The addition of Julian and Cam in this book worked also really well, I had read their book but was not that impressed...I kinda got to like them a lot after this one though :D
Then there was the small stuff like:
- The never ending hospital visits.
- The "I forgot" parts where one or the other character forgot something had already happened in a previous book and just ignored it in the new installment (this usually is about the feelings...Ty/Zane knowing he is in love in one book but then almost forgetting in another book and having to go trough the whole realization one more time).
- Ty's dismissing Zane's "I love you" when he said it during the slow dance.
And many more "small" stuff that had started to pile up, as I said above...the author explained and fixed almost all of it. And she did it in a marvelous way.

Now the character of Zane, Zane had from the beginning been my favorite but I had not known which character had been written by which author before reading this book. Had I known I might have had reservations about how that would work now with only one author writing the series. I might have been looking for differences closely and that would for me have been a distraction.
But as I said I did not know...and yet I did not feel like we got a new Zane..I felt like it was about damn time he got more confident, he seemed stronger and more sure of himself, Ty and their life.
He grew!!!! Not changed but grew! We got to see a part of what Ty said he could see in Zane's eyes, we got to see the man Ty claims Zane can be.
I look forward to reading more about him more then anything, since I had been stalking Ms, Roux's tumbl page I read the interview posted and that she is going to write more about Zane's past, family and so on...I CAN NOT WAIT!!
I love Ty's weird and funny family and friends but have been missing Zane's...I just hope they get to be as kick ass as Ty's...but in their own way. They may be evil mafioso's, word dominating billionaires or some weird shadow clan of evil puppeteers...(His side of the family has been kinda of a secret so far so I have had time to imagine all sorts of dark stuff :D )...anyways...I don't care...just bring them on!

To sum up...I loved this book, so much so that I read it in almost 4 hours :D And I am so going to read it again as soon as I can.
Ms. Roux, standing ovation for you and your work on this installment!!
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Quotes Èmina Liked

Abigail Roux
“Ty is like... a ninja on crack.”
Abigail Roux, Armed & Dangerous

Abigail Roux
“The CIA currently has in custody two FBI agents and a Boston police detective who is demanding they pay for the damage to his boat."
"He's okay?"
Burns nodded. "Emptied a double-barreled shotgun at a couple of Company lackeys, and then they arrested him. He spent all night claiming he thought they were the Men in Black coming to scan his brain"
Ty bit his lip so he wouldn't laugh.

-- about Nick”
Abigail Roux, Armed & Dangerous
tags: humor

Abigail Roux
“Cameron found himself smiling as he thought about the two tough, acerbic FBI agents. "It's so cute. They're in love."
"It's like watching two kittens fight with machetes," Julian muttered.
"What? Its weird!"
"No its not. They're perfect for each other. Poor Zane though," Cameron murmured. "In love with Ty Grady." He couldn't imagine how frustrating that would be. Then Julian inhaled, and Cameron chuckled slightly. Yeah, he could actually.”
Abigail Roux, Armed & Dangerous

Abigail Roux
“You totally just outed us to the criminals.

-Ty to Zane”
Abigail Roux, Armed & Dangerous
tags: humor, ty, zane

Abigail Roux
“What? It’s not my blood!”
“Let me see it,” Julian demanded, and a moment later there were sounds of a scuffle from the back seat.
“I am AB positive and this is distinctly type O blood!” Ty finally shouted at him. “Look at the little Os!”
Abigail Roux, Armed & Dangerous

Abigail Roux
“Zane heard Ty whuff from within the bathroom, and by the time he looked back, Ty had shoved Julian’s face against the shower wall and was holding him there by the back of his head.
“Watch the elbows.”
“Watch your fingers,” Julian snapped.
“Welcome to TSA training, bitch.”
“Want the other set of cuffs?” Zane asked, hoping to appease his cranky partner. “You could spread his arms out.”
“Will someone please tell me the safe word?” Julian asked.”
Abigail Roux, Armed & Dangerous

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