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Anathem by Neal Stephenson
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Jan 22, 09

it was amazing
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Read in January, 2009

What an epic novel, and I'm not just referring to the extreme size of the thing (937 pages of very densely-packed prose) but the overall world Stephenson crafts in here and the fascinating plot-line that it encompasses.

I've always loved extreme world-building, and boy was I happy with this. It took me a little while to get into the swing of the world of Erasmus, but once I did I found all the terms easy to understand and the world just fascinating to read about. I felt that it was built slowly enough to not completely overwhelm me, and even though there was a handy little timeline at the beginning of the novel and a glossary at the end I never found myself confused and needing to flip to them (it was reassuring to have them there), and that's with it taking me a good three months to finish reading this.

As someone who is pretty dense when it comes to all things math and science that aren't just straight-forward common sense, I didn't find all of the philosophy of science to be overly daunting, which is something I was a bit concerned about going into this. Stephenson handles it all in a way that makes it easy to understand what is meant by his characters, and I definitely found myself laughing at some of the hilarious dialogues they get themselves into.

This also took me three months, but that was due to the fact it was huge and the idea of toting it to and from work was just too much so I wound up only reading it at home (where I always seem to have the least amount of time to read, strangely). I'm glad I took my time on this, actually, rather than rushing through--I always seem to get more out of an epic novel like this if I spend a good amount of time on it rather than bust through it in a weekend.

Fantastic novel, and I hope one day to get around to re-reading it again and seeing the events unfold after knowing what's really going on in the end. This definitely seems to be one of those novels that I'd get a lot out of by reading multiple times!

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33.19% "I'm finding this is more and more trying to keep me up past my bedtime, and I'm loving all the speculative/theoretical discussion!"
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