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The Family Fortune by Laurie Horowitz
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Jan 29, 12

it was ok
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Read from January 23 to 28, 2012

There are so many great Jane Austen fan fiction books out there like Pemberley by the Sea, Captain Wentworth's Persuasion, The Pemberley Chronicles. I had really hoped this book would make that list, but sadly it does not.

The first issue I had with this book was the setting. Jane Fortune was from Boston, Massachusetts and areas, people, and specific places were often referenced, yet not adequately explained in my opinion. So I could see those people who are from Boston experienceing a whole other level to the story, but for everyone else the references and comparisons between people and characters were completely lost on me.

The characters were a whole other issue. Max Wellman (Frederick Wentworth's reincarnation) was likeable but was no Rick Wentworth. I am not quite sure what it was that made him not quick compare though. I mean he was a good man but he just wasn't a great man. Priscilla - Lady Susan's meaner, more selfish, and slightly creepy long lost twin was another character that I found to be very distracting. Lady Susan gave Anne the advice she did because she was honestly trying to look out for her best interests. Not the case with Priscilla. She just wanted to make sure that Anna always stayed with her so she would have someone to lord over. Plus her dallying with young 20 something guys was just a bit awkward to me. The character I was most impressed with though was Dolores (Mrs. Clay). She was extremely complex and much more flashed out that her original counterpart.

The plot itself followed the original for the most part, execpt for the best part of Austen's creation - the letter revealing his emotions. And what was the saddest part is that the author had the opportunity to but instead chose to let it pass uncaptured. That was extremely disappointing.

All in all some people will love it others will find it lacking. You really will just have to read it yourself I think! But for me, this one was not what I had hoped for.

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6.0% "The story is set in Boston but it references so many rich Boston families, building, and companies that I don't recognize at all and the book doesn't explain who they are or where they are. It detracts from the story a bit because it kinda alienates anyone not from Boston who knows these people and places."
11.0% "A whole lot of telling - not a lot of showing."
25.0% "Not to impressed so far. Too many Boston references I don't get and the writing could be better. The plot though has been quite interesting."
100.0% "Whew. Finished just in time for book club tomorrow! Review to come!"

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