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Creatura by Nely Cab
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Jan 23, 2012

it was amazing

Hea y'all Anne here and I have literally just closed the back cover on Creatura by Nely Cab. I wish I had more of this story in my hands right now. I can only sit here typing my review in pure wonderment of this book, it is absolutely astounding and a literary piece of art to be revered and loved by all hands that hold it. The story behind Creatura is Greek mythology and oh how I love a story of that caliper. Isis is a 17 year old girl who lives her life daily and excels in her goals, she was raised by her mother having lost her father at a young age she knows the pain of loss. She dreams of a perfect place as she sleeps, a field alive with poppies and warm with the sun and solitude. Somnium is where the Deities reside a place forbidden to all humans, but how is it that Isis finds her way there every night? A dark shadow plagues Isis in her dreams, she is frightened and yet not detoured from her dream land. When David comes along Isis is swept into a world of ancient stories and truths that now apply to her life. Isis has a normal life as far as she is concerned and struggles to keep it that way, but not for long. I love the way Nely Cab has created David, he is the perfect guy tall, dark, handsome with a little mystery thrown in and his instant interest with Isis keeps the story rolling along never allowing a dull moment to happen. David is modern yet his morals and values and old school and endearing and I absolutely love that. I loved reading the notes David gives to Isis, he holds her so close and produces heart felt emotion in times of loss and pain for her. He shows her things that she holds dearest to her heart. I laughed and cried very early on in this book it is so exquisitely written having important details exactly when they are most important to the characters and the rolls they will play in the story. Seeing the story through not only Isis's eyes but David's too is an excellent turn for the story and I loved having both views. The other characters in the books are no less enthralling each is strong and well built to bring more involvement and drama into the story. The twists and excitement are never wanting they are perfectly balanced to keep the readers digging further and deeper into the book. Nely has gone above and beyond to make sure even the tales David tells Isis are penetrating and indicative to how and why these things are going to happen. I fell in love with this story instantly and I am still reeling from the tale it has weaved in my mind. Romanticism is hard to grip in a book and make it feel honest and not be to over powering but the author has not only done this but she brought her A game to the table for this book. To beat all every time you feel like the story just couldn't get any better it does, it gets so much better and so much deeper. The end literally left my mouth hanging open and had me immediately wanting to know when I could get the next book, and how long will I have to wait. This is a story I will read time and time again because it is one I absolutely enjoyed from page one all the way to the very end. Intriguing, captivating, mind blowing, and absolutely enthralling is how I will always describe this book to anyone I will talk to. 5 out of 5 stars for Creatura I'd give it 10 if I had my own stars to give this is a truly one of a kind ride you'll love to take and never wanna return from once your started. Bravo Nely Cab your literary work of art is to be treasured.
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Guadalupe I knew it would be a good book book when I found it. But I didnt think it would be that great! I was hooked the first paragraph. I definately have to finish reading this book!!!!

Shelley (Bella) Just got it and can't wait to read it!

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