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Jan 23, 2012

it was amazing
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Lately it seems like if you like a book you're fu*ked, and if you don't like a book, you're equally fu*ked. In other words, you just can't win. Reading a book has suddenly become all about politics. Social politics that is. And it seems like you have to go out and figure out if a book is socially acceptable or not before you even pick it up. Well I'm saying fu*k that. Why should I let other people dictate what I should like and shouldn't like?

I have some hard lines when it comes to subjects. I won't read kiddie porn, bestiality, rape, physical abuse or incest. I just won't touch it. But my hard lines also extend to people screaming "abuse" and "rape" for no apparent reason. I know the bar is set extremely low with some readers, and I respect that. And if it irks some people and they don't want to read anything else in the series or by the author, that's their prerogative. No worries.

But don't get up in my face for setting the bar higher and reading a book differently than you. And especially don't get in my face if you haven't even read a page of the book, but are basing all your assumpitions on someone elses reviews. I'm not here to be politically correct or to play games with anyone. I'm here to read, and leave happy reviews for when I love a book, and not so happy reviews for when a book is a complete mess.

And let's be clear about something. If a book gets only happy reviews, I don't trust those reviews, and that makes me question the book. Or rather, it makes me question the reviewers. But if the reviews are balanced, meaning some negative reviews and some positive reviews, I'm much more inclined to pick the book up and see for myself what it's all about. That's what reviews are, an indicator. An subjective indicator. Because there is no such thing as an objective review.

Now, to this book. Fated isn't the perfect book. In fact, I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect book. But it is a darn good book! Sure it has its issues, and sure there are things I don't agree with, but it doesn't take away from the fact that Fated is well written, action packed, and has kept me at the edge of my seat from the very first page.

The how-to of these vampires reminds me a lot of the Carpathian vampires by Christine Feehan, meaning they both use the idea that vampires are born and not made, and they need strong, psychic women to continue their line. That being said, I loved Talen. Even though I wanted to smack him upside the head a few times, he's yummy. I know a lot of people are having issues with his usage of 'mate' and 'wife'. I agree, it was a bit over the top. But I never got that it was meant as a negative remark in any way. It was just his way. And after all, we're talking about a vampire here, who isn't only a leader, but is from some sort of "Royal" family. Of course he's going to be dominating.

I loved Cara. I've read some reviews that claim she's weak and getting walked all over. I call bullshit. She was a kickass Heroine who went out and did her own thing no matter how much Talen wanted her to stay home and do noting. When it came to her family and friends, she didn't give a shit about her own safety, but went out of her way to keep everyone safe or to rescue them. A weak woman would not have done that, right? And yeah, she did need some saving too from time to time, but if she hadn't, Talen would have been without a job...

There was also some grumbling about Cara leaving her daughter for five weeks. Those five weeks were more of a footnote in the book, the author didn't spend a lot of time on that period of time. So we really never find out what happens, other than them raiding and destroying various enemy holds. For all we know she could be nagging on Talen every bloody day to get back to her daughter. And if Cara had brought Janie to her and exposed her life to danger every single day, that would have been much worse on so many levels. If I had the choice between keeping a child safe and away from me for a month, or having the child with me and in danger; take a quick guess which choice I would have gone with. Exactly. No matter how painful it is, you always, always keep the babe as safe as humanly possible.

So what's the verdict? If you like paranormal Alphas that aren't afraid to dominate their women, and you like action and blood and vamps fighting it out, this is a book you'll enjoy. If on the other hand paranormal Alphas make you scream 'rape' and 'abuse', and if you're allergic to the words 'mate' and 'wife', don't even go near this book. It'll make your sensitive brain burn.
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Rebecca Zanetti
“You picked the wrong girl to dominate, Dracula.”
Rebecca Zanetti, Fated

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M.A. Stacie Swoony... just telling Dage is soooo mine (book2).

Beate M.A. wrote: "Swoony... just telling Dage is soooo mine (book2)."

LOL Duly noted. But I reserve the right to change my mind. :D

M.A. Stacie totally staked my claim 1st. I pitched my flag and everything :P

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