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Darker After Midnight by Lara Adrian
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Jan 23, 2012

really liked it
Read in January, 2012

Lara Adrian's hardcover debut couldn't have explode on to the scene at a better time or with a better story. Darker After Midnight was a game change book that hit the floor running even before page one, with Sterling Chase's backstory carrying a low but menacing current since he was introduced to the series.

Chase was a character that made me feel a bit nervous and on edge when he came into the fold of the Order, and more than a few times I even pitted him. Unable to trust his motives, I worried about not being able to connect with him because I wasn't sure he was the type of male lead I'd want to read about. Seeing him fall from his Golden Boy status to something much more darker and sinister wasn't very appealing. But I should have known that Adrian had way more planned for him that I could have ever imagined.

Chase's high impact, high stakes journey begins with his fallout from the Order and slowly heads towards redemption and healing. Along for the ride is Tavia Fairchild, a Breedmate unlike any other. Unbeknown to her, Tavia was an experiment of sorts at the hands of the ruthless and power hungry Dragos. Hoping to use her for his cause, Dragos kept Tavia shrouded from her true origin. But with Chase's help, Tavia uncovers the truth about 'condition' and learns to embrace it.

Chase and Tavia have easily become my favorite couple of the whole series. They were explosive together, and their coupling...raw, aggressive and fiery. They complimented one another in a lot of unexpected ways and the passion that erupted between them lead to heartfelt caring and understand of each other's nature.

The new elements to the overall arc of the series that were revealed were very exciting. I loved that Adrian included a fair amount of world and lore building along with character growth. And I especially enjoyed the fact that many members of the Order and their Breedmates were involved in this installment. The intertwining perspectives in which the story was told were purposeful and refreshing, adding a rich and intricate layer of endless exploration.

There were a few corny bits of 'we're all just a big happy family' when all the good guys were together, but it helped create a much needed balance to the tension that was boiling behind the scenes. Honestly, I was happy to see Dragos' evil schemes finally come into fruition because it had been a long time coming. It was also very satisfying to see that an easy solution wasn't presented after the climatic end. I'm very interested in knowing what will become of the Breed and their families in the aftermath of the destruction that was unleashed on the world.

Ever since discovering the Midnight Breed series last Spring, I've been involved in a torrid love affair with it. As is often the case with a long standing series, I've enjoyed some books better than others, but even when a few of the Breed Warriors of the Order stories failed to impress me, I can't deny my addiction to Adrian's writing and to her characters, and Darker After Midnight is the perfect example of why I'm a huge fan of the series.

As I've said before, I love Adrian's breed of vampires. I love that they are savage yet honorable. I think their origin is very unique and fascinating. And I love how they have to feed from an open vein. They are so very vampire, and I definitely recommend this series to fangbangers and romance readers alike, though I will says that this is a series best read in order.
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