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The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole
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Jan 23, 2012

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Read in January, 2012

The title should have been a clue - it makes as much sense as the opening of the story.
I was confused during the first third of this book. Modern slang and pop culture references are mixed in with what I thought was a midieval setting. Introduction to the mythology of the Valkyrie feels clumsy at best.
Later it is mentioned that 'modern day' is only 5 years after the opening of the book, placing the setting I thought midieval very close to today. The opening raid on the castle is still a muddling of time periods for me, but at least the use of slang didn't feel out of place after that.

Maybe this confusion set the tone for me, as I never fully invested in the romance. I'll give this series one more try with A Hunger Like No Other before I nix it from the tbr list. There's potential in the mythology, and I've heard too many good things about Immortals After Dark to give up just yet.
3 stars.
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Chantal Halpin I had other problems with it :/

Suzanne (Doppleganger) Oh there were other annoyances for me. I never understood the lighting sh..tuff either.
The nail polish and Xbox! Oy! I'm a powerful immortal Valkyrie, the stuff of nightmarish legends. I think I'll paint my toenails and play Dance Party. Lightning flashes like a strobe light when I giggle so it'll be off the hook! Whee!

Remember the movie Clueless? That's how I imagined Myst, which does *not* fit with the concept of a millenia-old ruthless immortal.

Maybe 3 stars was generous.

Chantal Halpin I objected to what he did when he first got the chain - seriously; sexual abuse much??

Suzanne (Doppleganger) Wonderful foundation for a relationship, wasn't it? I mean, I enjoy reading about angst from horrible mistakes made on the way to coupledom. But that went too far.

Chantal Halpin Agreed, it was very annoying - shame really as I liked other stuff about it. Not sure about the series now, it also seems a bit like Christine Feehan's Carpathian series.

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