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All Families Are Psychotic by Douglas Coupland
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Jan 25, 2012

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This is a good book.

I'm going to say something weird, it's really similar to the history of love by nichole krauss, but better. I know right? I probably never would have thought of it if I wasn't reading/listening to them at the same time.

But this book is also a bit like jackass goes to the prom. Or richie rich takes a slum day.

The quotes on the back say things like: "douglas coupland all growed up"

this book is not all growed up, in fact it's a fairly juvenile book. But lets actually be straight up and honest here, that's what we like about guys like Coupland and cooper that they are juvenile's. No one picks up a bret easton ellis book and thinks now we are going to have some serious adult entertainment. at least no one who knows anything about ellis. Well this is the same.

It's kind of VERY VERY much Harold and Kumar go to NASA. or zach galifrinakas and the other guy from the hangover go to NASA.

It's like those new comedies that are written by the guys who are actually the funny people not some writers in a room somewhere who think carrot top would be great for this part.

Am I making any sense? No? oh well?
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message 1: by Nate D (last edited Jan 26, 2012 05:02AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Nate D See but I actually think he started out way more growed up than this. You're implying that he can't do better, but he did, multiple times.

Jasmine Oh I wasn't saying that, I have no idea what he's achieved I was taking issue with every blurb on this book about this being his adult work. I think even gen x is more adult than this. Do you reccommend something better?

Nate D Oh, I see. I guess I was talking about Gen X, too, mainly. But for me, Coupland's quality is inverse to chronology: all the earlier ones -- Shampoo Planet, Microserfs, Life After God -- were pretty good and worthwhile, falling off through the late 90s to here, the latest and last I read.

Jasmine have you read gen A?

Nate D I haven't. It seems like it could be dangerously re-hashy, but the premise has potential.

Jasmine yeah I liked when ellis did the revisit.

I also want to clarify when I called this book juvenile I actually didn't mean it as a slam, I was just talking about a type of book. if that makes sense.

Nate D Right. I kinda thought it was juvenile in both senses, but I was also just out of college and making an effort to read "literature" or something for the first time in ages (I was a science major, so not reading much of any fiction), so much as enjoyed a bunch of Coupland around then, I may also not have been the most sympathetic.

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