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Fallen From Grace by Laura Leone
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Jan 22, 2012

did not like it
Read from January 22 to 29, 2012

I really struggled to get through this book - I hate to give up on books so it was hard to keep reading because there was nothing I found redeeming about the two main characters. I found Ryan to be weak (and I understand he'd had a hard youth but so do a lot of people and he was weak) and Sara to be a domineering harridan... she was barely better than Ryan's madam in that she treated him as poorly as the madam did. He had to do things her way or it was the high way for poor, weak Ryan. Sara knew full well what Ryan did for a living before she became physically involved with him yet she kept laying down the law. Of course he's going to have been inside someone else the same day he's had sex with her because he's a high priced (let's not forget that) prostitute.

Had he not been so easy to manipulate and had he not been greedy and spent all his (massive) income he would have been able to get out of the business he despised years before but he didn't because he had to live like a king and drive a fast car and buy expensive clothing. Yet he felt that he wasn't good enough for a good and 'intelligent' woman like Sara. For a smart woman Sara had to spoon fed what a prostitute does. And then, on the night he almost gets raped again, she has to break into his home (after he's repeatedly told her to leave him alone and not ask him about what happened) and proceeds to seduce the poor prostitute into sex. What a pleasant woman. Then the huge over-reaction to her sister's homosexuality did nothing to redeem what an awful character she was. UGH. And she was soooooo rude to the sister and so self centred. Glad that's over. Read this last week and have already forgotten the names of half the people in the book.
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