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A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan
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Jan 18, 13

it was amazing
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I finished A Memory of Light this morning. After reading well into the night and being unable to stop as I approached the end. How do you review a book like this? For me it's so hard to without taking in all that has come before it. There is something special here with The Wheel of Time. I felt it when I first began The Eye of The World about 19 years ago at the age of 14. And now I sit, a man grown, the age of 32 with tears in my eyes as I close this book, the story, over, forever.

A Memory of Light is the conflict that the 13 books before it has been building towards. In all respects from cover to cover it is Armageddon, Ragnorok, the end of the world. It is a book that plunges characters we have grown to love into a darkness so black and the outcome so bleak it's shocking. Watching these characters that some of us have followed for two plus decades, struggle, suffer, persevere, and in some cases die has been trying.

It will elicit so much emotion from the reader.

There is such a magic in these words that make up this story. I can't imagine any reader or lover of this genre not reading The Wheel of Time.

This is a book that will stay with you long after you've read it. It will touch you. Believe me.
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01/08/2013 page 10
01/08/2013 page 20
2.0% "I can't believe I'm finally reading the final book in the wheel of time series! This is probably my most anticipated book to read ever!"
01/08/2013 page 50
5.0% "I'm loving this!"
01/08/2013 page 75
8.0% "Best prologue I've ever read."
01/11/2013 page 145
15.0% "So far everything is living up to my expectations, even exceeding them."
01/12/2013 page 170
18.0% "Holy shit!, HOLY SHIT!!"
01/12/2013 page 185
20.0% "Forward the Golden Crane!"
01/12/2013 page 203
22.0% "Chapter 8. The tension is building ever so slowing. I always loved the unity and kinship amount the Borderlanders throughout the series.. I'm finding myself going back to reread scenes 2 or 3 times over. Good stuff, very good stuff."
01/12/2013 page 211
23.0% "Chapter 9. "To die well" - Heron marked sword icon for this chapter. Sword blade meets Myrddraal's head. Wouldn't have it any other way."
01/13/2013 page 230
25.0% "Where's Matt?"
01/13/2013 page 245
26.0% "Finally Matt's arrived."
01/14/2013 page 293
32.0% "TWO RIVERS!!!"
01/14/2013 page 328
36.0% "The Heron Spreads Its Wings!"
01/14/2013 page 381
41.0% "Wow.....I did not see this coming at all. Brilliant!"
01/15/2013 page 451
49.0% "I'm halfway through A Memory of Light and I haven't stopped smiling while reading it so far."
01/15/2013 page 470
51.0% "The Seanchan and The White Tower really do not like each other."
01/15/2013 page 480
52.0% "I so saw this coming way back in book 7! I called it!"
01/15/2013 page 505
55.0% "I'm really impressed how this book is really getting across that feeling dread, of Armageddon, Ragnorak, the end of the world. This really feels like a final conflict should."
01/16/2013 page 528
58.0% "The Black Tower stands with The Lion of Andor!!"
01/17/2013 page 726
79.0% "Galas has really come full circle as a character I despised him in the earlier books but now he's sort of redeemed himself, questioning his beliefs and and such."
01/17/2013 page 726
79.0% ""Do we fight, son of Shadows? Or do we talk?""
01/18/2013 page 800
88.0% "I can't stop reading! So close to the end!"
01/18/2013 page 909
100.0% "I read until 6am in the morning. I couldn't stop. 24 years of great storytelling has finally comes to a close. Thank you Robert Jordan, and Brandon Sanderson."
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Nadya dammit, i was catching up to you, i still have 150 pages left.

message 2: by Michael (last edited Jan 18, 2013 10:58AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Michael haha I noticed! I read until 5am. I just couldn't stop as i neared the end.

Nadya damn having to sleep and work.

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