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Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley
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Jan 22, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: contemporary-romance
Read from January 22 to 23, 2012

4.25 stars

...totally borrowed the quarter rating from my sister. Thanks Ana!

The series

I know many don't agree, but this book is my favorite of the series. By a narrow margin, but still a favorite. Not so much, because I had less issues with it, but because I.Couldn't.Put.It.Down! Seriously. There was a rough patch about two thirds into the book, after a major showdown, so the aftermath was slightly anticlimactic, but still!

I really, really liked how we actually got to see so much of the Carnal residents. We see them all: Tate, Laurie, Krystal, Bubba, Max, Nina, everyone!!!!

Well everyone but Buster, that is. But you just can't get everything...C'est la vie.*sigh*

Plus, I though the editing was better here!

Waking up in Vegas

The story goes like this...

Ty is released from prison after spending 5 years doing time for a crime he didn't commit. Lexie is waiting for him, because Shift, a (not surprisingly) shifty character told her to do it and listen to Ty. Shift is a criminal and a friend of her once-love Ronnie who passed away. Her first reaction to Ty is telling and I liked the description of him

His shoulders were immensely broad, the wall of his chest was just that. A wall. His hips were narrow, his thighs enormous. He was muscle from neck down, pure, firm, defined muscle. I saw it through his skintight black t-shirt, his tattooed arms, his jeans that tightened on his thighs as he moved. His hair was black and clipped short on his head, another tat drifted up his neck. His jaw was square and strong. No stubble. Clean-shaven. His brow was heavy, his eyebrows black, arched and thick but the left one had a line through it, a scar that matched the smaller one under the eye.
It was not an optical illusion, a trick of the heat waves. He was tall and he was huge.

And also, his eyelashes were long and curly.


I’d never seen eyes that shape, lashes that thick and curly. I’d never seen any single feature on any living thing as beautiful as his eyes.

Ty isn't really a chatty fellow, but she manages to find out that the purpose to the whole deal is for Ty to get married. We don't know why at first, but it all has a place in his grand "vengeance plan". He promises her that if she says yes he'll give her the money and the means necessary to get from under Shift's influence. She's a straight person, Lexie. She doesn't want to be involved in any crimes, but she wants out, BAD, so she says yes. Plus he was nice, hot and gave her diamonds. What's not to like?

I liked those early days in Vegas.The note, lol!


At the pool. If I don’t return by nightfall, it’s your marital duty to rescue me. If it goes that late, this means I’ve passed out on a lounge chair in Vegas in summer so my advice is to stock up on aloe vera before you launch the rescue effort.


From there on, we see them fall in love, make mistakes, go back to Carnal, battle crime and get their HEA...

Point(s) of view

This was a bit different from the past books as well. We get, throughout this book both Lexie's first POV and Ty's third person recount of what's going on. I liked that a lot, because I did like Ty. He has been handed some of the worst has to offer and seeing him find something good with Lexie was amazing. He made mistakes and bad decisions(two big ones), but we saw him regret it and take responsibility for it. Plus, I liked that he wasn't as autocratic as Tate. Yes, he wants to take of his woman, but he doesn't constantly bark commands and override her wishes. Just those two times he screwed up big time.

Just one problem with reading his point of view...I didn't necessarily NEED to read about him objectifying women. And calling them "pussies" and "bitches"(in his mind, but still), not with any malice or IMO derogatory intent, just with a matter of factness, like it's nothing, was not nice to read. It went a long way in making this a non-5 star read.

But he's also a:cool poker player, an automechanic, a diamond gift giver and a gruff-tattooed sweetie.

I also liked that he was half black. It was interesting seeing the issue addressed here. I don't think I've read many romance books that deal with the interracial pairing issue.

A Limit To Love

I loved this snippet...

“So, you know when the limit’s up on love?” he asked and I felt my chest depress as the profound weight of his question hit me.
“No,” I whispered.
“Right. No. No one does. Not you. Not me. No one.”

It's really an important question in this book for one reason-Lexie. She made a mistake in the past, giving too much of herself, for too long to a man that couldn't give back. She did it simply because she couldn't stop loving him.

I think she did it with Ty, too. Giving in when she knew he'd wronged her, giving him another chance too easily. I'm not saying, later on, he earned her loyalty, but I felt that was her biggest "fault", if you can call it that.

She is, as Ty so eloquently put it, a goof. She also had her airhead moments, but I forgave her. I came to really love her.

The Grand Conspiracy

That was a big theme in this novel. Maybe even bigger than the romance in this one. We get to see what exactly happened to Ty and who was involved in it. A lot of people, let me just tell you.

A lot of people were involved in solving it:Tate, Nina, Chace(whose book with the librarian I eagerly anticipate), Angel, Julius of the three women and the whole fricking town. That part was interesting for me.

The Ploy

I won't say much, as not to spoil anything but Julius's ploy, at the 2/3 point of the book, was downright bizarre and manipulative. Even thinking Ty was involved in it made me want to hit him. Luckily he wasn't, but still! It felt strange to have the end of their romance/marriage troubles story end so soon and in such a way, so it felt weird for me to continue. I understood why that couldn't have been at the end, but it added a glitch to my reading. Luckily I got over that.

Pet peeves

It was really weird how Ty called Lexie "Mama". I don't know about other girls, but I do not find that sexy. It was just strange. Especially in the middle of the hot scenes.

And I hate it, when the books are written in present tense and then a line like...

"Little did I know that that would be the last day..."

"If I had known that day what would happen tomorrow, I would've..."

...these appears. What is that? I don't want to read that and have an anxious feeling the next 50 pages. I really disliked that in the Darkfever series and I disliked it her too.

Lady Luck

I liked the closure we got on everyone and the tease we got about Chace and the librarian. I liked this line...

“…he bent his neck back, looked at the ceiling and said an audible prayer.
“Please, God, this time, give me a fuckin’ son.”
My body shook more. “I’m not sure God likes the word fuck, honey,” I told him and his head dropped.
“He knows me, He’s answered my prayers before and trust me, mama, he doesn’t give a shit.”

"Eight months later, Lady Luck was still feeling in a generous mood.
Ty knew this because it was then, Julius Tatum Walker was born."

Guess he got his son after all, yes? Lady Luck gave them a lot more. And I enjoyed seeing them get it...

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Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter I loved this story but not quite as much as Sweet Dreams! Do you like it so far, Mimi?

Mimi Smith I do. It's different and some things bother me, but I can't put it down!!!!

Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter Mimi wrote: "I do. It's different and some things bother me, but I can't put it down!!!!"

Hey, that's great, Mimi!

Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter Gorgeous review, Mimi! I got used to Ty calling Lexie "mama". I think it was kind of sweet and it fit. My hero in Rock Chick Regret is calling his woman "mamita". I totally LOOOOVE it! And the story is amazing!

Mimi Smith Well, I guess someone likes it:). The mama thing just bugged me.

I'll definitely read the other Kristen Ashley books. Just later.
And the Dream Man blurb doesn't appeal. So maybe those Rock Chic ones.*shrug*. We'll see.

Mimi Smith Baba wrote: "Gorgeous review, Mimi! I got used to Ty calling Lexie "mama". I think it was kind of sweet and it fit. My hero in Rock Chick Regret is calling his woman "mamita". I totally LOOOOVE it! And the stor..."

Oh, yeah, forgot to say... Thanks!!:)

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