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Double Blind by Heidi Cullinan
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Feb 01, 2012

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If I NEVER see, hear or read anything about poker for the rest of my life it will be too soon. This book was bogged down in too much detail about poker, I didn't like it, I tried and then I did something I just don't do, I skimmed through the poker, which was quite a bit of skimming. I now realise I hate poker, bleh. If you like poker with your romance and a bit of sexing, then this book may have the polar opposite effect on you.

There were also too many tears for my liking, too many cheesy moments, particularly a speech during the final poker match, too many (I felt) forced touchy/feely moments. What I liked about Special Delivery was the tight, sexy feel, the heartfelt connection between Mitch and Sam. The awe Mitch felt for finding his Twink and Sam's discovering it was OK to be naughty, kinky, slutty and be with Mitch. Randy and Ethan only tended to be sexy if teamed with Mitch and Sam, except for the lap dance. Their getting together was OK but the way Randy reads people is too much suspension of disbelief for mine. I missed Mitch in the mix, I like Sam attached to Mitch not Sam and Randy, whom I might add had a lot of time in this book. Ethan came in a lot for anxiety ridden, self doubting moments, which didn't help the couple's vibe.

As a couple Randy and Ethan just didn't rev me up, and I wanted so much to enjoy them, I wanted Randy to get his HEA. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he did, they did, but I just didn't have the special feelings and character attachment the I had with Mitch and Sam. For me, there just wasn't the same level of wonder, feelings and chemistry in Double Blind as in Special Delivery. Maybe Heidi Cullinan set the bar too high with the first book, because Mitch and Sam are one of my all time favourite couples. I felt this book was perhaps more of a romance book than a erotica/romantica, I missed Mitch's dirty talking ways and the raw, passionate sex.

Double Blind is a well written book, obviously a lot of research has gone into the poker, and lots of fondness is displayed in the writing of the always interesting Vegas, which was good. If you like poker, Vegas and romance then Double Blind may be just the right book for you. Me, I'm going to go and re-read Special Delivery.

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