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Archon by Sabrina Benulis
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Apr 17, 2012

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Read from January 22 to April 17, 2012

Bizarre blend of typical teen paraRom with really interesting mythology and backstory. Does require careful reading, and I certainly found myself confused a few times. This book had layers.
Full review to come.

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Reading Progress

01/21/2012 page 1
0.0% "Oh dear. If you're going to thank god as your first sentence, put your acknowledgments in the back of the book. hope like hell this isn't a bible thumper hiding in a fantasy cover. 50 pages to prove yourself. (yes, this from the girl who loves Amish romances)"
01/22/2012 page 42
11.0% "Ok, despite my fears of this being a disguised god bothering story, so far it's excellent. Dark, but gripping. Great imagery and build up. Looking forward to seeing where this story takes us. Not so keen on the "blood head" concept, but we'll see how it goes."
01/22/2012 page 59
15.0% "Starting to remind me of Fallen or Hush,Hush. Could just be the angel/boarding school thing, because the love triangle doesn't involve the least, not yet"
01/22/2012 page 116
29.0% "Sadly, in an attempt to create a mystery, we are left a little dazed an confused, with many layers and a host of characters, but no real explanation. And as much as I usually hate descriptions, I wish I knew what these beings looked like. Getting quite confuddled, I do hope it starts to become clear soon, as in it's individual elements it's well written and interesting"
01/23/2012 page 154
39.0% "Wow, I dont think even couples in the death throws of their relationship have less boring sex! Casual conversation while they undress and make out, for what I think is the first time. A little more passion or just don't bother."
01/27/2012 page 400
100.0% "Well, that was interesting. Certainly not a light or an easy read, but original & very well written. Unfortunately I am a bit of a Kim reader; books like ths really highlight that I just do not read every word. I regularly had to retread paragraphs & by the end I'm still left with a sense of missing information. Not o mention how often I was confused, although this was partially due to the author building suspense."
01/27/2012 page 400
100.0% "I did find the gender swapping difficult, and adding another level of confusion to the story. But it was interesting t note how I assumed certain characters were make due to name or an assumption based on action, so probably not too surprising tat I was infused when they turned out o be a different sex. A lot of the story around the angles themselves became bogged down in the attempt to give us merging for book two" 2 comments
01/27/2012 page 400
100.0% "For a book involving angels, I was quite surprised about the LACK of region. Compared with something like Hades which was just a preachfest, this had some of the ceremonial elements & used some of the myhtholgy, but the main goal was obviously to write a good original story, not to bash the reader over the head with out dated prejudices. Although, I ave no idea what she was thinking with some of the sexual attempts."

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