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Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson
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Jul 03, 07

Recommended for: people who still have hope

If you ever want to engage in a fun experiment I suggest you do the following, which I've arranged in a convenient, step-by-step format.

A) Fall in love with a girl
B) This might be hard to arrange by yourself, but the girl has to move away from you- but not because you split or anything
C) Stay away from her for a while
D) Save up your money devotedly (i.e. stop smoking for a week) so you can afford to go visit her.
E) Take a 7 hour bus ride to where she resides, which may or not be a hippy/freak/artist university in Northampton, MA
F) Arrive. Greet. Be happy
G) Take copious amounts of speed
H) I mean, take a lot. More than you should
I) Do not sleep. Do not eat. These are the activities of the plebeians; you need to be spending your time having long, engaging, profound and worldly conversations that connect you with everyone you meet. At least, you need to think that
J) Keep going! You're only there for two and a half days
K) Leave in the morning. It's been....50 hours since you slept or ate. Say goodbye, hop on that bus
L) You haven't taken any speed in a while because you're not fucking made of money, man, so functioning as a human becomes difficult.
M) The speed wears off. You're on a bus, you're going back home to a place that you don't particularly like, and you're leaving behind the girl that you love without knowing when you will see her again
N) Lose hope. Embrace despair. Have daylight hallucinations. Feel every grain of anything resembling happiness drain out of your body.
O) Read Winesburg, Ohio.
P) See if you survive through the day!!

The "big fans of existentialism" in my english class would have shat themselves over this book, because it seems like Mr. Anderson is the definition of the "life is devoid of meaning and full of hopelessness" idea they all wanted to believe so much. I don't want to ruin anything for you, but here's the general moral of these stories: pretty much everyone's hopes and dreams are just that, and they all end up dying, feeling like a failure.

Cheery stuff. Enjoy with a heft dose of Coricidin Cough and Cold for optimal results.
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message 2: by Kelsey (new) - added it

Kelsey I may or may not be attending that university in Northampton MA, hopefully its full of profound conversations like you describe it to be :)

message 1: by North (new)

North Winds fuck you're an asshole!

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