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Fermat's Enigma by Simon Singh
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Jan 21, 12

Read in March, 2009

Who would have thought a book about an extremely complicated maths problem could ever be an international best seller.
But here we have it. The story of a mathematical theory that had the greatest minds stumped for 358 years, and the quest to be the first to solve it.
It reads like a detective hunt spread over the centuries, with the 'culprit' teasing and getting ever nearer to capture - then slipping away again.
The enthusiasm and clarity of writer Simon Singh keeps the reader turning the pages.
I wouldn't be surprised if this book even turned a few readers onto the idea of mathematics as a career, such is the ability of Singh to make a dense subject seem 'sexy.'

"This is probably the best popular account of a scientific topic I have ever read." Irish Times.

"It's a magnificent story told with infectious enthusiasm." Evening Standard.

"To read it is to realise that there is a world of beauty and intellectual challenge that is denied to 99.9% of us who are not high level mathematicians." The Times.

"Reads like the chronical of an obsessive love affair. It has the classic ingredients that Hollywood would recognise." Daily Mail.


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