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Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano
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Jul 07, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2008

The other day, I went to Target, going to my usual Target Aisles: bedding, cosmetics, skin care, and books. I bought a makeup bag to corral my lipgloss, blotting papers and brush in my work totebag and Gorgeously Green.

I almost didn’t buy it because I saw it in one of those health food store advertorial magazines and I generally think those are full of nonsense.

Let me tell you: half the book is highlighted with Things I Must Remember. I’m sure it will take me a while to incorporate them all – or even half of them – in to my daily life but I will. There were also a lot of websites where you can buy things and we all know how much I love an internet shopping “trip.”

The thing about Uliano is that she isn’t preachy and she isn’t “all or nothing.” For example, while I agree that using plastic or glass dishes is better than Styrofoam, I am not taking my Tupperware to D & W and asking them to put my sandwich in that. Maybe someday I will but not now. I’m also not going to stop flying to cool places for vacations and I’m not quite ready to give up my plan to go on a cruise with my sister. Uliano understands that we aren’t all going to Go Granola. Of course, now I also have a new vacation destination, entirely thanks to Uliano: an Eco-Spa!

There were other things that thrilled me that I had no idea existed. For example, Woman’s Wonder Bar, which are chocolate candy bars that are supposed to help with PMS and menopause. I am so going to that website and buying some. Eco-friendly poop bags since I must clean up the presents Peggy Sue leaves for the world. There are free ringtones you can download that sound like nature: the mating call of a whale, an owl hooting, various birds. All kinds of things. There is a nonprofit who will take your partially used antibiotics, antifungals, etc and distribute them to developing countries. That’s pretty cool.

There are 8 chapters, each covering a different area of life. The chapters are:
1. Becoming Aware (just what it says.)
2. Green Goddess (all about beauty.)
3. Your Green Temple (all about a healthy body. Yoga and weight training routines are included)
4. Soulful Shopping (self-explanatory, I think!)
5. Your Palace (about your home and garden.)
6. Every Last Bite (not surprisingly, all about food.)
7. Out and About Having Fun (transportation, entertainment and travel.)
8. Go Supergreen (activism and maintenance.)

I bet you’ll find some ways that you can live a more eco-friendly life without driving yourself nuts or becoming one of the Granola Brigade. (Though there *is* a recipe for granola that looks yummy!) You’ll likely find some things you never considered and each small change adds up to a big difference.
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