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New Spring by Robert Jordan
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Jan 21, 12

I love the Wheel of Time series to death, but I don't really think this prequel adds much to the experience. Yes, it successfully does what the rest of the series does -- takes you away to a fully realized other universe for the duration of the time the book is in your hands -- and for that reason, I liked it. But... it just wasn't that interesting as far as overall story arch of the series. At no point when reading any of the (currently 13, waiting on the final one) books of WoT did I think to myself "I wish I could see more about how Lan and Moiraine met". Just Lan's biography (i.e. the fall of Malkier) would have been a good story. Basically anything from the Age of Legends would have been a good story. Or the Breaking, or the Shadow Wars, or the Aiel War, or any other number of events which play a huge role in the history of the world the series takes you to that are otherwise only sketched.

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