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My Life, Deleted by Scott Bolzan
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Oct 17, 2014

it was ok
Read in January, 2012


This memoir was horribly written, but I'd be willing to overlook that if the story was compelling. It's hard to feel sorry for somebody complaining that they are worried about mounting bills, upset because their health insurance might lapse and they won't be able to pay for a $870 test, yet in the next breath wonder if they should take the BMW or the Porsche to visit their $325,000 yacht. Meanwhile, the sixteen year old daughter drives a Tahoe and two other cars sit idle in the garage.

In one paragraph the wife is lamenting that she doesn't know how she'll pay for everything, and in the very next paragraph a trip to Hawaii is in the works.

Maybe it's the English major in me, but when there is such obvious foreshadowing multiple times, and then nothing becomes of it, it's downright irritating. WHAT was the "suspicious, oily substance that you slipped on, especially made a point of noting before blacking out, and then struggled to mime to the nurses the minute you woke up, Scott?" WHAT? WHAT? I MUST KNOW!!!!

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message 1: by Erin (new)

Erin Thanks for making me laugh - I enjoyed your review, but sorry you had to experience a "bad" read!

message 2: by Renee (new)

Renee Oh great! Now I MUST know too! TELL, tell!

Tracie Schwertley I wish I could tell! The blatant foreshadowing was a bust. Nothing was ever mentioned again!!!! BOO!

John I'm about halfway through, and struck by their profligate spending, when they've already had to declare bankruptcy once! Also, how does a "stillborn" baby have a birth certificate?

Tracie Schwertley John--the reason a birth certificate is needed, because a birth has occurred. When a baby is born after 20 weeks and dies, they are still a child. You have to have a funeral for that baby, and the state still needs "proof" of that child. I lost a baby at 22 weeks, and my baby had a birth certificate and social security card. There are many reasons this is needed. :(

John I had thought that the wording was (generally) "Certificate of Live Birth"? What I was confused by was whether their child was actually ever medically "alive"? This sounds ghoulish I know.

Tracie Schwertley The certificate reads "Certificate of Birth".

John To give Scott credit, he did sell the expensive cars, the watches, and eventually the boat. As for the stillborn daughter, I had issues with the way they handled their grief, but I admit I've never lost a child.

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