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The End of Food by Paul       Roberts
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Jan 21, 2012

really liked it
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Read in January, 2012

Most people do not think about food security, meaning the balance of what and how food gets from the producer to the grocery store to your home. Mr. Roberts explains that while we have become accustomed to a food industry which efficiently delivers food we have chosen this with a cost that is not sustainable. We are causing more problems with just in time food delivery as well as negatively influencing farmers lifestyles when they miss a deadline or loose their crop to natural causes. At the same time this method of food production is resulting in poorer quality food both in taste and in nutrition.

Generally speaking I think the theme of the book is right on but as this was an audio edition and I could not read the footnotes I am a bit leery.
For example he speaks of a pig processing farm that processes two thousand pigs an hour well how often does processing occur? Where do the pigs come from? What are the conditions they live in...these questions and more are not answered. I also was interested in the role of regulation in this market which was minimally addressed. One other gripe I had about this one was the pauses in the reading, it was really quite odd.

Overall it is a solid book, I do not take it as pure research but more of a general overview of the downside of our current food industry. I think it also gives one pause when choosing foods at the grocery store.

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